Summer Camp Leader
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Camp?
It’s four days of wild, super fun, out of this world life-change for students in middle and high school, led by incredible volunteer leaders. And we aren’t exaggerating.

How much does it cost?
It’s free! We understand it’s a sacrifice for volunteers to take time away from their families and jobs. That’s why we make sure serving at Camp is 100% free for you. Think of this as a free vacation where you get to change lives.

Where is Camp?
Camp is hosted by Crossroads Student Ministry at Camp Chautauqua in Miamisburg, OH (near Dayton).

Who will be at Camp?
Middle School Camp is for current 5th-7th graders and High School Camp is for current 8th-12th graders.

What is Camp?

When is Camp?
High School Camp:
July 13, 2020 - July 17, 2020.

Middle School Camp:
July 18, 2020 - July 21, 2020 (for students from Dayton, Mason, Oakley, and Oxford communities.)
July 23, 2020 - July 26, 2020 (for students from East Side, Florence, Georgetown, Lexington, Richmond, and West Side communities)

Am I spiritually qualified to lead a group of students?
You don’t have to be a theologian to lead at Camp. Knowing everything there is to know about the Bible will only get you so far with 15 year-olds. We’re looking for good listeners, strong leaders and faithful believers. Plus, you’ll be supported by your Site Director and other Crossroads staff the entire time. Get a really tough question? Bring it to us.

I’m not a believer, can I still come?
We love that you’re reading this right now. That means you have a heart for students. For Camp, we need leaders who are already followers of Jesus. Looking for the right place to start your journey? Check out other Crossroads camps here.

What’s the food like?
Camp Chautauqua provides a variety of food options at every meal. No matter your dietary restrictions, we’ll make sure you’re fed. Plus, corn dogs are definitely on the menu for the week. Who doesn’t want that?

Where will I sleep?
You’ll bunk with campers and other leaders in one of Camp Chautauqua’s sweet cabins. Be quick and you might even get dibs on a bottom bunk.

Are there showers?
Yup! We can promise you’ll have access to a shower every day— although we can’t promise all the middle school boys around you will take advantage of them.

Do I have to be young and cool to be a good leader?
You don’t have to be an expert on teenagers to come to Camp. Actually, we really don’t need you to be cool. We just need you to care enough about students to show up for them.

Is Camp physically demanding?
In Student Ministry, we play on purpose because we believe having fun is a part of experiencing God. We encourage you to play alongside your students as often as you can—and to be their biggest cheerleaders when you can’t.

Can I bring my prescription medication?
Safety is always our first priority for our students, so we’ll ask you to give your prescription to the Camp nurse for the week. You’ll be able to access it whenever you need to and you’ll get it back before you go home.

I volunteer at the Weekly…will I get to lead my regular small group?
We do our best to place students in groups where they feel comfortable and where they’ll grow. If you have specific concerns or requests, feel free to talk to the Site Director of the Crossroads site that you’re serving with.

Can I drive myself to Camp?
Everybody rides the bus to Camp together. Start practicing your bus songs.

Do I have to stay the whole time?
Yup! We probably don’t need to explain this one.

I have more questions. Who do I talk to?
You can reach out to the Site Director at any of our Crossroads sites or you can contact us directly at