Small Group Studies

Big changes happen in small groups. Start the conversation.

Getting Started:

Dwell A small group + individual experience

Welcome to this small group experience called Dwell—a seven-part study about connecting more deeply with God, and making the relationship that you have with him a part of your everyday rhythm. It’s a great way for Journey Home small groups to pick up where they left off—or for new people to jump in.

Each week, your group will meet for approximately 1 ½ hours. You’ll read some things out loud, ask questions and have good conversations. In between these group meetings, you’ll have some individual work to do. And it’s all tucked into one guide.

Dwell isn’t an all-church journey—so the weekend teaching isn’t going to line up with it—but we’ll provide printed guides that have both the small group and individual material combined into one. We went hybrid, folks. Or you can download this seven-week study here.

5 Elements The Five Elements Guide is a great study for a new or existing small group to facilitate conversations about what a thriving small group is all about. It also provides suggested next steps for your group. Download it here.

Welcome to the Revolution Based on the book, “Welcome to the Revolution,” this is a study especially for new believers who need to know the essentials of the Christ-following life without all the spiritual clichés and added-on rules. If you’re a new follower of Jesus, you haven’t just joined a club or learned a secret handshake. You have just joined a Revolution. You’re about to have your world turned upside down. More than that, you’re going to play a part in turning the rest of the world upside down too. Welcome to the Revolution. Download the guide.

Other Recommended Studies:

The Book of James This is a six-part study about living like we follow God, and not just talking about it. A good study for new followers of Jesus or for those of us in need of some motivation and perspective. It includes light reading, lots of group discussion and individual challenges.

Freedom Fighting There is a larger-than-life struggle going on in this world that you can’t see with your eyes. You’re invited to enter to fray, and you have a destiny to not only engage, but to overcome evil. This six week study looks at what it means to overcome strongholds and to fight for freedom, for ourselves and others.

Forgiveness Forgiveness frees us from many levels of bondage that God encourages us to walk away from. When we forgive, we are freed from things like bitterness, fear, resentment, anger, sadness, isolation and pain. For the next six weeks, consider the possibility that forgiveness is for you, and God has blessings waiting for you on the other side.

Repenting of Religion Whether we realize it or not, some of us have bought into the lie of religion—the lie of judgment—missing the whole love-giving relationship that Jesus had portrayed for us to live. It’s time that we leave judging behind. This six-week study is based on the book, “Repenting of Religion,” by Greg Boyd. Reading the book in conjunction with this study is recommended, though purchasing the book is not required.

The Early Church The Early Church is a seven-week study focusing on the experiences of the first followers of Jesus. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that we have to be just like the early church, but certainly Jesus’ first followers were intimately aware of his teachings, and thankfully wrote down what it was like for them. Each week has some reading, some Bible verses to reference, and questions to talk over with your small group.

Remember: A Communion Study A small group study for those interested in learning about and experiencing Communion, this resource is designed as a five-week study, and it works best if each member of the group does some reading and responds to the reflection questions prior to each meeting.

Core Strength: A Study on the Spiritual Disciplines Everyone knows that a strong core is essential for a healthy body, and achieving and maintaining it requires discipline. Spiritual muscles need the same discipline. Having a meaningful relationship with God requires intentionality- a deliberate choice to pursue growth- and the decision to keep at it. This is a study that examines how to build up that strength through the spiritual disciplines of prayer, solitude, service, meditation, fasting and worship. Spiritual disciplines help us remember what our hearts really want and what God wants for us.

Prayer Prayer is more than just putting the right words together. It’s about having a relationship with God. This six week study tackles some of the preconceived notions you might have about prayer, and provides you with challenges to take you deeper into your prayer or to get you to pray for the first time.

Poverty We should realize that there is something deeply wrong with our world when some have cupboards full of food spoiling while others are eating out of dumpsters. This six week study wrestles with how to respond to the problem of poverty.

Love/Sex Society has a lot to say about sex, and not much of it involves love. So let’s take a look at what the God who made sex has to say about it. This six week study looks at what God’s design for sex was and considers where he plays a part, what love has to do with it, and how that should affect our views of sex.

Hunger This one is more of a discussion starter, and can be finished in an evening, if you choose. This brief study examines the notion of spiritual hunger and how it might be satisfied, and includes discussion questions and suggested Bible readings.