Small Group Ground Rules

Let’s all agree to commit to the following:


I’ll show up every week unless I’m out of town or I’ve let the host know the (good) reason I will be absent.


Before each meeting, I’ll have done any “homework” the group had assigned, whether that’s reading something, praying for someone or just bringing the tortilla chips.


I acknowledge that every person in this group is at a different point in considering, seeking or following Christ, and I will value and affirm people for who they are.


I’ll maintain complete confidentiality. What I hear and say stays here.


I understand that others will need to be encouraged to share, to be open and to show emotion. I will let them do so, without being judgemental, trying to “fix” them or offering unsolicited advice.


I understand that some of us are talkers and some of us are quieter, so I’ll be aware of not dominating the discussion or always leaving the weight of it to others.


I’ll stretch myself to be as open and honest as I can with my perspectives and experience to create a safe environment that might encourage others to takes risks, too.


Community can be very messy, and conflicts may arise. I’ll offer grace to others and won’t leave the group over disagreements, realizing that God might use conflict in my spiritual formation some way I don’t currently understand.