SM Guide Map

Making The Connection

Use these steps to establish contact with a potential guidee. If you already have a relationship with this person, you can probably skip to STEP 5 or just use the SM Guide Map.

Before you begin, answer these questions.

1. Have you completed SM Safety Training?

2. Are you aware of SM Safety Standards for communicating with students?

3. Is the parent-guardian aware / OK with this connection?

Step 1 First Contact

  1. Send the Guide Introduction email from your Crossroads Guide email account.
  2. You can find an introductory template here. (But it’ll be way better if you personalize it.)
  3. Patiently wait for a response.

Step 2 Gauge the Response

  1. No response? No worries. Control what you can control. You’ll reach out again in a month or so if you don’t get any movement there.
  2. The ol’ thumbs up? If you get a response like “Will do,” or “Gotcha,” or “Sounds good”—basically anything you’d find in the auto response on Google Mail—proceed to STEP 3.
  3. YES to connection? That’s pretty sweet. Proceed to STEP 4.
  4. YES to connection + already got some questions? Proceed to STEP 5.
  5. Hard pass? If you get a response saying no or asking to be removed from the list, etc., forward the response to your site’s student ministry director.

Step 3 The Opportunity

After two weeks, if there has been no further response, send the next step expert email. Customize as you see fit. Repeat STEP 2. If the response is the same, proceed to STEP 6. If the response is different, respond accordingly.

Step 4 Customize the Experience

No need to twist the arm. They’re down for this. Within two weeks, give them options for how they’d like to proceed.

  1. Wanna set up a time to talk on the phone?
  2. Is it OK to share a phone number? (Parent permission required for minors)
  3. Establish what the guidee / family is aware of about Crossroads Student Ministry.
  4. Do you want to sign up to receive text updates?
  5. Do you have any questions?

Proceed to STEP 5.

Step 5 Let’s Do This

This is where the real customized guiding comes in. Use SM Guide Map, work with the student and / or family to provide next steps and guidance on the regular. Additional tools and resources:

  1. Guides: Digital Tool Belt 1.0
  6. Email
  7. Email your site director
Middle School Ministry
High School Ministry

Step 6 Monthly Updates with Continued Call to take the first next step

You can continue to send your guidee monthly updates. (We’ll provide that content for you.) If a student responds to the update, decide based on their response if they’re ready for STEP 3, 4, or 5.