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serving roles

Looking to get connected? Check out our serving opportunities below.

First Impressions

Help people feel welcome and connected.

Kids' Club

Engage kids, welcome families, provide weekday support and shape lives.

Student Ministry

Each week Crossroads Student Ministry provides students with a space to connect with their peers, explore God in a language they can understand, and have fun.

Serve at basecamp

Serve at Base Camp

Join us the third Saturday of the month as we work together to maintain the land and grow in community.

Creative Arts

If you love creative communication, whether that's Video editing, Acting, or Designing sweet graphics, we'll find a way to get you involved.

Community Care

Pray with people, build into marriages, assist in chapel events.

Spiritual Growth

Baptize people, serve communion, lead groups.


Seek justice, serve the poor, build homes, tutor kids and invest in people.


The next stop.


Support with finance or information technology.


Help others grow in community.

Weekend Production Team

Lights, cameras, LED walls, lyrics, thundering sound, etc.

Music Team

Musicians, vocalists, lyricists, ambience-creators: we're always auditioning and finding new sound.