crossroads groups seasons FAQS

Why are groups important?
Groups are a place to be known, to grow and to live life to the fullest. Said simply (but directly) Jesus knows your secrets and loves you anyway. We believe you deserve friends who do, too.

If that’s not enough, then check out the 7 Hills We Die On. Groups are a big part of what makes Crossroads, Crossroads.

What are Groups Seasons?
Groups seasons are a way we make groups easier to lead, run and join in a way that plays nice with your calendar.

Three times a year, we will launch a groups season. It’s the perfect time to find new members, try a new thing, or even take a break. Each season will mark the start of ALL Crossroad groups. Home groups, onsite groups and online groups. That way, it’s always easy to know when things start, or when the next season is going to begin.

What are the dates?
Season 1 starts February 10, 2020
Season 2 start April 20, 2020
Seasons 3 starts September 14, 2020 (This will be the Journey)

Will there be content available?
Yes! For those who want to use it, Crossroads will be creating new content for each season of groups. It’ll be designed to get your group moving together. For the busy home group leader, it’ll make preparing for your group easier than ever.

For groups that meet onsite in Crossroads buildings, it’ll be business as usual. You’ve already got great content made by your leaders. Full steam ahead.

If I’m leading a home group, do I have to use the Crossroads content?
Nope. You are permissioned and commissioned to lead your group. That means you get to pick it’s direction. The content is there to give you another great option. We think you’ll like it.

Can I still have a private group?
Yep. Of course. It’s your group.

But remember healthy things grow. That includes you and your group. Opening up your group to new members helps you to grow as a leader and increase your influence.

What’s the best way to use the Group Tool?
The best way to get people in your group is to invite them directly, but the Group Tool is a great secondary way to recruit people. Here’s how to use it.

  • Go to the Crossroads group tool.
  • Click "Create a Group" and complete the necessary information.
  • Celebrate. Your group is now posted online!

When (and what) are the Site Summits?
In January, each Crossroads site is hosting a Site Summit designed to bless you, equip you, and get you ready for the coming season. Check out the details for your Site Summit.