Rooted Leader FAQS

  • How many people will be in my group?
    Rooted works best with about 10-12 people. We’d encourage inviting up to 15 max.

  • How long will group meetings be?
    Rooted meets for 10 weeks, and each group meeting lasts about 2 hours.

  • When will my group meet?
    As the facilitator, you get to pick! Pick what works best for you, just make sure you’ve got two hours.

  • Other than the ten meetings, are there other meetings?
    There are a few additional experiences that set Rooted apart from other groups. There is a Kick-Off, and Celebration that bookend the 10 weeks. (The Kick-off is actually week 1). In between Weeks 3 and 4, there’s a Prayer Experience (1.5 hours) and within Weeks 6 and 7, there is a Serve Experience. You’ll get to determine what works best for your group, and your site contact will help you along the way.

  • Rooted Kickoff begins on a different date than my group meets. Will my group meet twice that first week?
    Nope — the Kick-off is your week 1 meeting. Week 2 will be the following week on your regular meeting date, time, and location.

  • What if someone in my group can’t make the Kickoff?
    We hope that everyone can kick-off together. But, if someone can’t come, plan to get them their materials to start their daily devotions for Week 2.

  • Is there a registration fee for Rooted?
    There is a registration fee of $25 for all Rooted participants, however as the facilitator, your cost is covered. We never want money to be a barrier for people to experience Rooted. If this fee creates a hardship for anyone in your group, email us at

  • What will the registration fee cover for the participants?
    You get your sweet Rooted book, where you’ll spend time with God five days a week and use it for the group discussions. The registration fee covers your materials and helps to let other people participate too.

  • How do I receive my book?
    This might look different at your site, but you’ll get your materials at the Kick-off. Talk to your site contact if you’re not sure.

  • Is the registration fee refundable?
    Sorry, the registration fee is non-refundable. If someone decides not to participate in Rooted this time around, they can pick up their book during the designated times and experience Rooted in another session.

  • Where is the link I can give someone to sign up for Rooted?
    Anyone looking to participate in Rooted should sign up at They will pay and fill out their registration form where they can list your name as their preferred group leader.

  • How long will my group stay together?
    Rooted lasts 10 weeks. Your group will decide at the end if they’d like to stay together or not. 90% of groups decide to stay together, however, there is no expectation that you will stay in the group. The main thing is that everyone has a next step towards community. Your site contact will help you figure those out towards the end of Rooted.

  • How will I get updates throughout Rooted?
    Your site contact will send you weekly emails with updates and tips for each week. Be sure to read those emails and reach out to your contact with any questions you have.

  • What if people want to do Rooted after we’ve started?
    We have an interest list open for anyone who wants to be part of a Rooted group in the future. Anyone on the interest list will be notified when groups are available for the next season.

Have other questions not addressed above?
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