Rooted FAQS

  • What is Rooted?
    Rooted is a 10-week group experience that roots you in the Bible and community. Through the group conversations and experiences, you’ll get a glimpse of your story in God’s story, and what it looks like to follow Jesus.

  • What is the difference between Rooted and other Groups?
    Rooted is like the bootcamp of Groups. It’s 10 weeks of experiential training that will set you up for great groups in the future. If this isn’t the time for you to participate in Rooted, we have tons of other Groups available. Check them out at

  • How do I sign up for Rooted?
    You can sign up for a June Rooted group now! If you don't have a group, our team will help find one for you. Either way, sign up to join one here.

  • What’s the cost to join?
    Rooted does have a $25 cost for the workbook — it’s fancy, and you’ll want to keep it forever. You’ll purchase your book as you sign up. We don’t want that cost to be a barrier for experiencing the transformation God has for you. If you’re not able to engage because of the cost, let us know by emailing us at

  • Where will my group meet?
    Your leader will let you know the specifics for your group. We’ll have Rooted groups meet in homes or other locations across our cities, at Crossroads locations and online.

  • What if I cannot make all ten weeks?
    Ten weeks may seem long, but it goes by fast. And to get all that God has for you, we recommend you engage as fully as you can. If you know you are going to miss more than 2 meetings, we ask that you wait until the next session. This ensures the best experience for you and the rest of your group.

  • When will I get my book?
    You’ll get all of your Rooted materials at the Rooted Kick-off the first week of the session.

  • I’m already a Group Leader. How can my group sign up for Rooted?
    Sign up to lead Rooted for the June season here. Whether you’re doing it with your existing group, or want to find new people, we’ll help you get your group created.

  • What if sign ups are closed?
    If we’re not currently taking sign ups for a Rooted session, you’ll be able to join the interest list to sign up for the next one.