Whiz Kids

Change your life by seeing the world through someone else's eyes.

Commitment: High
Perfect for: Groups,Families, Adults

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Show some love to local kids. If you still remember how to multiply or spell "definitely," try being a tutor for one school year. From weekly to as-needed, the time commitments are as varied as the roles.

Key partners include:

Florence: Collins Elementary - Sign up for Florence

Mason: Mason Intermediate, Independence (Lakota)- Sign up for Mason

Oakley: Rothenberg Academy & Pleasant Ridge Montessori

Richmond: White Hall Elementary

Uptown: William Howard Taft Elementary

West Side: Three Rivers Elementary, Oakdale Elementary - Sign up for West Side


Help run this weekly program where students (grades 2-12) receive tutoring and exposure to the arts and life lessons (and dinner in Oakley). Time commitment is every week. Opportunities include:

Whiz Kids: tutoring grades 2-6 (Florence, Mason, Oakley, Uptown and West Side); grades 2-5 (Richmond)
Unplugged: tutoring grades 7-12 (Oakley only)
Room Teacher (Oakley only)
Meal Prep/Server (Oakley and Uptown)
Large Group Programming (Oakley only)

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Build a relationship with an at-risk student (grades 2-12) on their turf. Time commitment is at least twice each month. Get to know their families, introduce them to your friends, go to a baseball game, bring them to Crossroads...anything that shows the child that you care, and that you are a trusted part of his or her life. Mentoring is typically an extension of tutoring. You must commit to tutoring for at least 6 months prior to becoming a mentor. If this is something you're interested in, please complete the required application and return to 3500 Madison Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45209 (Attn. Whiz Kids). Check out this video on mentoring from City Gospel Mission.

If you have additional questions pertaining to the Whiz Kids evening or afternoon tutoring teams, please email us at whizkids@crossroads.net.

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Watch the video below to see tutors and students sharing how the Whiz Kids program has impacted them.

Signing up for Whiz Kids six years ago was my plan B to make a difference in the life of a young person. God had a different idea though for a greater story, as He often does, and changed Whiz Kids to my plan A as Deshay, my student and now mentee, and I moved forward in our relationship. As we have walked our journey together, it has allowed both of us to become teachers and learners to each other. While it hasn't been without its challenges at times, it has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life as I have watched us both grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually.