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Eve Center

Commitment: HIGH, 2 hours per week
Perfect for: Adults, Women

Our Mission: Eve Center is an organization of Christian women committed to promoting emotional, spiritual, and relational healing for women age 18 and above in a safe, confidential environment at no cost, through its peer counseling programs.

When you volunteer and serve with Eve Center, you’ll be equipped to provide peer counseling, prayer, and resources for emotional, relational, and Spiritual health. Eve Center Peer-Counselors meet with 1-3 women weekly so that healing, hope, and growth can take place.Each weekly session lasts 50 min.  

Interested in serving?

Training to become a Volunteer Peer Counselor is a 12 unit course designed to equip you, enrich your life experiences and empower you to minister at the Eve Center. This is accomplished through written curriculum, life experience sharing, role play, and weekly assignments. Chapters include listening skills, personality assessment, confidentiality, and role definition. The course is led by a team of trained VPC’s of the Eve Center.

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Want to dive deeper?

Learn about SALT- Servanthood Advanced Leadership Training is a 3 hour course held on the 2nd Monday of the month designed to better equip anyone in mental health community.

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The Eve Center offers Christian based one-to-one peer counseling sessions at no cost to the client. Issues often covered include: anxiety/stress, abuse (emotional, relational, sexual, spiritual), anger, boundaries/codependency, fear, feeling lost or confused, grief, guilt/Shame, loneliness, pregnancy loss (abortion or miscarriage).

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Each Book Study has two facilitators. The Eve Center offers topical book studies suited to common issues and struggles in the lives of women. An example of a topical study is The Anger Workbook, Boundaries or ‘Stuck’: a book on how to have break- through in life. These topical studies are facilitated by two trained Volunteer Peer Counselors. Up to twenty women may be in a study.

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The Eve Center provides Five recovery groups; each group has two facilitators:

  • HEART promotes healing for women recovering from pregnancy loss due to abortion in a safe, non-judgmental environment.
  • HATCH promotes healing and hope for women recovering from the effects of childhood sexual abuse.
  • ROSE promotes healing and hope for women in dysfunctional relationships
  • SEED promotes healing and hope from poor eating habits and body image
  • GOLD promotes healing from being stuck in grief
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Office Volunteer Staff:
Help with administrative tasks, answering phones, speaking with Volunteers and clients.

Event Volunteer Staff:
Assisting with Outside Events.

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