Puerto Rico
May Trip - Uptown Only

5/23/2020 - 5/30/2020

Experience the fullness that comes from helping communities rebuild their homes and their lives. The joy and warmth of those that live in Puerto Rico will inspire and encourage you as you see what teamwork and community can accomplish in a week’s time. Whether it’s cleaning debris, building the frame for a new house, or building relationships with the people in the community, the work you complete during your week will help lay the foundation for the work God is doing on that island. While you’re there, be sure to take in the amazing views of the mountains, beaches, and historical landmarks that make Puerto Rico a place to love.

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Sign Up Deadline: 2/29/2020
When: 5/23/2020 - 5/30/2020
Deposit: $200
Size of Trip: 50
Minimum Age: 13
Restrictions: none
Total Cost: $1300 (Don't worry. Check this out.)

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How much does it cost?

This covers your flight, room and board, work supplies, and meals on the ground (meals at the airport,free day, vaccinations, and souvenirs are not covered).
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What is the travel like?

We’ll be flying either Delta or United airlines. Typically, there’s only one layover in either Atlanta or Miami.

Day 1

Travel (including a snack by the beach)

Day 2

Check out the local culture. Rest. Enjoy the warm waters of the Caribbean.

Day 3-7

Work with our local partner, Hunger Corp. Connect with local community and people through a series of fun evening events.

Day 8

Explore the historical city of Old San Juan. Travel back home.

Will be staying a few steps (literary) from the beach in a 5-story high beach house complex. There will be plenty of rooms (with bunk beds), AC to escape the warm tropical weather at night, and laundry facilities, among other things. Will also have access to morning coffee and home-cooked meals every day.

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Hunger Corp

Hunger Corp has proven to be an amazing organization. Hunger has a bold vision in Puerto Rico and all over the Americas they work to move a generation towards service work. Their love for their neighbors is what fuels their work and is contagious to those that partner with them. By working with Hunger, you’ll find yourself working in a small community in Puerto Rico called “La Hormiga.” Work could look like building a house from scratch, to taking down parts damaged by hurricanes and building them to code. Hunger is focused on putting as much effort into the details of the projects they work on, as in the people they build into. Their model is one that is changing the way Christian organizations work in Puerto Rico and beyond, for the better.

Learn more about Hunger Corp