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Yes, we still GO to places even if we don’t have to get on a plane! Price Hill, located west of downtown Cincinnati, is home to about 32,000 residents. It is made up of three smaller neighborhoods: East Price HIll, Lower Price Hill, and West Price Hill. Current statistics reflect 1 in 4 Price HIll residents and 56% of Lower Price Hill households are living below the poverty line. The community boasts a diverse population of African American, Hispanic, and white residents. East and Lower Price Hill residents experience extreme poverty while also combatting a high level of addiction, lack of affordable housing, and insufficient access to health care among many of the typical ailments that plague poverty ridden communities.



Price Hill

Price Hill
Oakley & West Side Community

09/13/2021 - 09/17/2021

As a team, work hard, have fun, build relationships, and learn as you spend a week serving others with others, and getting to know the people and the beauty of Price Hill.