Nepal / Himalayas / November

11/7/20 - 11/17/20

Trek the Himalayas, swim through mountain streams, sleep in Nepalese homes—all while having the incredible chance to serve rural villages long-burdened by poverty and highly vulnerable to child exploitation. You’ll see the power of mission-driven partnerships and a global impact that starts at the ground level. Whether you’re building a fish farm or holding the hand of a new little friend, you’ll have the opportunity for God to shake-up your heart—and maybe even the trajectory of your life.

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When: 11/7/20 - 11/17/20
Deposit: $300
Size of Trip: 30
Minimum Age: 16
Restrictions: Background Check Required
Sign Up Deadline: 7/4/2020 Total Cost: $3400 (Don't worry. Check this out.)

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How much does it cost?

That may sound like a lot, but you should know this covers everything (flight, hotel, meals, activities, etc.), and this is a number you’re meant to tackle with your friends and family.
Of all of our trip participants, only 5% have had to contribute to their own trip.
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What is the travel like?

It takes over 24 hours to get there and we fly on a commercial airline. Listen to all of your favorite Spotify playlists twice, catch up on sleep, talk to your traveling companions, sleep some more, read, watch movies on your 21st century in-seat entertainment system, or just do nothing…which you probably haven’t done in a long time.

Day 1

Depart US

Day 1

Arrive in Nepal

Day 2

Kathmandu Social Enterprise Tour/Orientation

Day 3

Trekking/Homestay/Community Development Projects with Five14

Day 4-7

Return from Trek, Personal Reflection Time

Day 8

Sightseeing, Depart Kathmandu

Day 9

Return to US

Day 10

Planned activities with partners in Kathmandu

While in Kathmandu, we will stay at a comfortable Bed & Breakfast or Hotel. While trekking, we will enjoy the unique cultural experience of being a guest in a local's home. You'll get to visit with the family, enjoy delicious food, and experience what daily village life is like. All homestays are clean, comfortable and incredibly hospitable.