COVID-19 GO Trip
Frequently Asked Questions

Why are international trips canceled?
Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we have had to cancel for multiple reasons. 1. We feel it is best for the safety of our participants. 2. Depending on the country, there are travel restrictions and quarantines in place that prevent a trip like ours. 3. We don’t want to bring the potential of the virus to rural poverty-stricken areas of the world who have no medical systems to combat a pandemic. 4. Many of our partners have either temporarily stopped taking groups, or have advised against us going.

What if the border opens up in the next month or two, will the trip be reconsidered?
No. Due to the factors listed above, it won’t be possible to reconsider the trips in that tight of a time frame. We also have to look at the availability of air travel. Many flights have been canceled and we canceled our group tickets when we made our original decision.

What about my domestic trip, is that canceled too?
It is not. These domestic trips are not scheduled until late July or August so we are in a holding pattern with them. Our partners are evaluating each trip four weeks before their arrival and we don’t feel the decision needs to be made right now. We will have a much clearer picture of what this situation will continue to look like if we wait another four weeks.

What do I do about the money I’ve already raised?
Your money can either be transferred to general giving, or you can use it on another GO trip in 2020 or 2021. You can read our financial policy here

I’m going on a trip in November 2020, is that trip still on?
Yes, those trips are still scheduled. We will have much more information towards the end of the summer to make a decision on these trips.

Will there be more domestic trip opportunities opened in 2020?
We hope so, but there’s no way to tell right now. Depending on what happens with quarantines and stay-at-home orders over the next few months, we will try to add possible domestic Go trip options in late summer and early fall.

When will 2021 GO Trips be posted?
Typically they are posted in late summer to early fall. Just like us, our partners are concerned about the current situation they are in and helping right now so they all aren’t thinking about next year's calendar. The other thing we have to consider is air travel. We don’t know what the airline industry will look like coming out of this situation so we will be monitoring flight availability which could affect possible GO trip dates.

What are the ways I can serve locally?
Stay connected to our website and social media accounts for more opportunities to serve.

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I have more questions that were not answered in this FAQ. Who can I contact?
You can email any questions to