In a high-contrast country with both jungle and desert, high wealth and extreme poverty, you’ll be immersed in Bolivian life. Get your hands dirty and heart warm. These trips center around communities suffering from poverty but not optimism—so you’ll be part in reshaping their physical reality and experiencing the joy that happens with strong relationships and a good God. Plus, have the amazing chance to meet the child you sponsor through Compassion International!



"God has taught me that the greatest reward is in serving others in His name. He has expanded my perspective on the world and called me to use my talents and resources more for others than for myself. I have a better understanding of what it means to follow Christ’s call to be in relationship with all people, regardless of any man-made borders."


You have questions? We have answers.

What work will we be doing?

On Compassion trips, we typically spend time at several Compassion churches or child centers playing or doing crafts with kids, encouraging the leaders, visiting nearby families’ homes, and anything else we can do to support the great work happening there. We also spend time working with our local partner, Agua Yaku, helping to provide clean water to those lacking that vital resource. Whatever we do, we promise it will be meaningful.

Will I really get a chance to see my Compassion kid I sponsor?

Yes! We are setting one day aside for everyone to spend time with their sponsored child (or children). How sweet is that? Don't worry, Compassion will also have translators on site to help comprendes espanol. (AKA, understand Spanish)

What else will we do?

We try to experience the variety of Bolivian culture while we are there. You might attend a prayer or worship service, eat some interesting food, ride an alpaca, shop in a local market, and hear God speaking to you in ways you would never expect.

Change that will last

We partner with South American organizations to build lasting and effective change.


Crossroads members Danny & Vanessa Beams moved to Bolivia over ten years ago to go into full time ministry there. Danny established Agua Yaku with the mission of bringing clean water to people in some of the most remote areas of the country through well drilling, water filter distribution, and clean water education, all while sharing the Gospel. He regularly takes teams from all over North America to rural areas where they serve others, bond as a team, and share the Good News.

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At Crossroads, we’re seriously committed to Compassion International and the child-advocacy work they so passionately undertake. Their work releases children from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty. The goal is for each child to become a responsible and fulfilled adult. Sponsoring a child is a huge part of this work, and so is visiting your child and taking that relationship to a whole new level.

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