Take Back Your Purpose

We’re being robbed of the most valuable things we have, and we’re oblivious to it. The shiny keys of life are distracting us as a thief is taking our purpose. In this special series of talks, you’ll learn how to take it all back and live in your God-given purpose.

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Take back your focus

Are you awake? You have an enemy that wants you to fall asleep to the plot of your own story. Life can be full of distractions, addictions, and discouragement, but Chuck has discovered the keys to staying awake, alive, and aligned with God's purpose for our lives.

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Take back your confidence

Do you know who the cockiest people are? 4-year-olds. We start out with an abundance of confidence. But there’s no such thing as a naturally confident adult because it’s eventually stolen. When was the knock-out blow to your self-confidence? In this talk, Kyle gives us a plan to get back our child-like confidence (except for running around without pants, let’s not do that ever again.)

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Take back your ambition

What do you believe about yourself? Ambition is the desire to achieve something or to succeed, accompanied by motivation and internal drive. Your ability to make an impact is taken away when you allow your ambition to be stolen. The good news is that your dreams and goals are God’s plan, too. Hannah tells us how we can get our ambition back.

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Take back your belonging

We’ll do anything to feel like we fit in and belong. Today people gravitate toward ideologies we think will help us find our people. But identifying with an ideology isn’t the same as belonging. Brian talks about what true belonging is, and how we can recover the family that’s been stolen from us.

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Take back your value

Do you overcompensate, vomiting Pinterest all over your plans and parties to earn approval? Are you always doing things for others to prove your worth? For many of us, we believe a lie that our value is defined by performance. Jen gives us practical steps to reprogram this thinking and get to a place of abundance because Jesus’ love for us is a 10/10 - just as we are.

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