crossroads super bowl of preaching

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Meet the teams

Brian Tome

Brian Tome


Height: 6'2"
Weight: I don’t wait, I move!

Preaching Style: A frickin’ 2x4 to your spiritual face hole!

Takes his coffee: Decaf with two splashes of motorcycle oil!

Drinking game: Take a shot every time he says “aggressive!”

Follow: @briantome
Kyle Ranson

Kyle Ranson


Height: You look taller on video.
Weight: 150 lbs

Preaching Style: The love child of RadioLab + Malcolm Gladwell

Okay with being a walking stereotype of Millennials. Okay, Boomer.

Celebrity Spirit Animal: Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius

Follow: @kranson28

Meet the teams

team mingo
chuck mingo

Chuck Mingo


Height: 6'1"
Weight: His smile weighs 2.5 lbs

Preaching Style: Kill 'em with kindness... and cute stories about your kids

Scientifically proven to be the nicest person in the room. Seriously, he’s so nice, Mr. Rogers wants to move to his neighborhood.

Follow: @chuckmingo
alli patterson

Alli Patterson


Height: 5'8"
Weight: Enough to crush team Blue.

Preaching Style: Actually having an advanced Bible degree.

Can rap Salt-N-Peppa’s Shoop… doesn’t know who Lizzo is.

Follow: @theallipatterson

Never played sports. Drama major. Once lifted a weight.