meet. mature. move.

Onsite groups help you stretch beyond your normal to help you meet people, mature, and move.

Critical Skills

Perfect for: Anyone who wants to train in the basic skills of maturing in following Jesus. A place where we have a heavy emphasis on practice over information.
When: 2019

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Ministry Training

Perfect for: Anyone who is interested in serving on the prayer teams at our camps.
When: 2019

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Jump School

Perfect for: Training and equipping for a lifesyle of discipleship and effective ministry.
When: 2019

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Perfect for: Any adult who has a severe and persistent mental illness, as well as for any adult who is a primary family/support person of someone who has such an illness.

When: Join anytime
Childcare: not available
Monday PM

Group size is limited.
Pre-registration is required. People who are part of the Uptown community will be given first priority.
NO walk-ins allowed.

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*If you sign up for this group, Mark and Lisa will reach out via email to schedule a 30-minute meeting. This meeting is required before you can officially attend this group.

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