who we are

Who we are

We are a community of broken people who found freedom in following Jesus, and we will do anything (short of sin!) to help others find the same. And that includes re-inventing how we all do church — not anchored to one morning in a building, but realized in our day to day lives where messiness happens. We GO, linking arms with our friends, on an adventure with God to change the world for good.

Crossroads Online is made for you. This is not your grandma’s church. And this is not a self-help seminar, or an influencer trying to help you solve all your problems. Yes, we have teaching content that will open your eyes to God and help you find solutions to the practical issues in your life. But that’s not all. We also work together, as a team of friends, both online and IRL, helping each other grow closer to God no matter where we live.

Crossroads is a new kind of church, for people who have given up on church but not on God. We exist to equip and inspire you to GO change the world. God made each of us, including you, to live a life of adventure, and we won’t stop until as many people as possible experience the healing and hope that comes with that promise.

Why this? Why now?

We all live huge chunks of our lives online, and we know how toxic it can be sometimes. Crossroads Online was created to be the antidote to that, offering real support, friendship, and wisdom. You’ll be challenged to go further than you ever thought possible, in pursuit of the adventurous life that God promises. Having to go to a building at a certain time each week to find that motivation and support is not realistic in our world. Yes, Jesus spent time in the religious buildings of his day, but he spent most of his time out in the world, with people, where they were living their complicated lives. That’s the only place our pursuit of faith can have a real impact.

Online church shouldn’t be a thing. It’s just church. And hopefully church how Jesus meant it to be —a group of broken people pursuing God and the better life that he promises, supporting each other in their quest to do that, and changing the world in the process.

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