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Experience God in a group with people you can relate to. Group sessions last 6 weeks. Sign up or join some of our other groups offered at various times.

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Thursday Night Breakdown

6 Week Session (Starting Feb. 6th)
Large Groups Game @ 6pm
Food and Announcements @ 6:30pm
Groups @ 7pm

Thursday Night HS Groups

5 Marks of a Man Group (Boys Only)

Purpose: Begin to think critically about the differences of boyhood and manhood and the behaviors that come with each.

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Rachel and Leah (Girls Only)

Purpose: A 6 Week dive into what two sisters teach us about combating comparison.

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I Am Journey

Purpose: 6 Week Series full of experiments to assess the real you in finding your identity through Christ and Community.

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Purpose: A six-week spiritual journey, bringing people together for meaningful conversation and experiences that can lead to growth and heal the racial divide in our city. Groups will be racially balanced.

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Volunteer at Crossroads

Be a part of something big, while making this big place small.

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There are many different expressions and ways to connect and experience God. Here are some other organizations that are doing great work leading students to Christ that may already be in your schools and neighborhoods.

Find a YoungLife near you

Young Life Northern Kentucky

Area Office
1806 Waverly Dr
Florence, KY 41042
(859) 653-9610
View website

Young Life Eastern Cincinnati

Area Office
PO Box 42171
Cincinnati, OH 45242
(513) 290-5892
View website

Young Life Greater Cincinnati Urban

Area Office
8318 Vicksburg Dr
Cincinnati, OH 45249
View website

Young Life W Cent Cincinnati

Area Office
160 Novner Dr
Cincinnati, OH 45215
(513) 702-7847
View website


St. Bernard Elmwood Place
Young Life (includes students from St. Bernard Elmwood Place High School)

Young Life (includes students from Wyoming High School)

Wyoming Wyldlife
WyldLife (includes students from Wyoming Middle School)


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