Community Care

It’s okay to ask and need.

How can we help? Email us at

If you have questions about groups, email us at but please explore the groups page under the GROW tab first.

Community Care & Crisis

Crises happen. We’ll do all we can to get you into a safe place with good counsel. If you have an urgent need to speak with a Care Pastor call 513-731-7400 Ext 8108.

Listening Appointments & Prayer

We’re not counselors, but we are a team of people ready to listen. Meet with one of our trained team members, tell us what you’re going through. We’ll listen and pray for you if you’d like. Either over the phone or in person by appointment.


We’re ready to help you. We have chapels available for funerals and memorial services at no cost in our Oakley, Florence, East Side, and Mason sites. We can seat 200-300 people depending on the location. We can also provide a pastor, and talk to you about what you need and when.


Here’s a list of local Christian counselors—a sample of professional help that’s been recommended by people who attend Crossroads, friends and staff.


Everything we do for your life of “I do.”

Prayer Requests

We absolutely believe in the power of prayer. Please know that your prayer requests remain confidential within our prayer team, and we are ready to hear you. If you have an urgent need, please call 513-731-7400 Ext 8101 so we can find someone to talk to you right away. You can also submit your prayer request here.