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We're all about groups here and want you to find one that works for you. Below are groups for middle and high school students that meet outside of the Oakley HS Weekly. 

Comfort Zone

A group where 6th-12th grade students can come and grow closer to God as they work through coping with their anxiety, depression, and emotional stress. 

Email Tandy Hanya for more details

One House for Teens

One House is a 6-week program designed for 6th-12th grade students dealing with the lasting effects of divorced or separated unmarried parents. The hope for this group is to give your teens a healthy way of viewing their "new normal", in order to lead a life of purpose. So that even from a place that seems broken, wholeness is possible.

Student Basketball

Students gathering in community playing ball and exploring God. Open Gyms will be the last Saturday of each month at the Pleasant Ridge Rec Center

When: The last Saturday of each month
Middle School Students – 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
High School Students – 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

If this might be for your students, male or female, fill out this form.
Email Kyle Idoine for more details

Lost & Found

Families broken by addiction are becoming more prevalent these days. The issues this environment presents can be overwhelming for our children. Using the Word of God as a compass, students grades 6-12 will explore these issues and shed light on the areas.

Email Jeremy Baird for more details

Daughter's of Eve
Discovering who you are In Christ

This 6-week group is for females grades 6-12. The focus of the group is teaching young women how they are beautiful, strong, confident, courageous women and that they are created to be in Christ and know how to walk in that TRUTH.

Email Jill Kaczmarowski for more details


Forward is a group specifically for young adults (18–22 years old) who've either recently graduated from high school, currently attending college, or just trying to figure out what's next. Together we explore the Bible to learn more about God and his amazing plans for our lives as we dive deeper into faith and community. 

When: Sundays in the Crossroads Oakley Student Section

Email Mercedes Brown for more details

HS Future Designers

A workshop focused on exposing teens in Cincinnati to creative careers paired with building a relationship with God & thus promoting self love.

Email Kelly Fischer for more details


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