Oakley OBSESSED Onsite Groups

For moms who want to share, grow, celebrate and learn—in a way that brings God into their parenting role and letting Him use it as a gift and place of influence. Teaching and small group conversation. 

Moms AM group meets Tuesday 
Childcare is available with 1 week advance registration for Birth-Kindergarten.

Moms PM group meets Tuesday.
Childcare is available for kids 0-10 years old with 1 week advance registration.

  • Click here to register beginning February 20th, 2018

For men with kids who want to answer questions like: How do I meet my family’s needs in the midst of my career? How do I become the man my wife genuinely enjoys and my kids seek out? What will be my legacy?
Fathers AM group meets Friday beginning February 23rd, 2018
Click here to register.

Women's Groups

Women's Ongoing AM
Group begins February 22nd, 2018.  Thursday 9:30am Click here to register. Childcare for kids 0-5 years old is available with advance registration.

Women's Ongoing PM
Group begins February 22nd, 2018.  Thursday 6:30pm Click here to register. Childcare for kids 0-10 years old is available with registration.

Men's Group
Men's Ongoing AM Group begins Thursday, February 22nd, 2018. 6:30am  Click here to register.|

Young Adults
Designed for 18-35, both single and married. Weekly gatherings include teaching and small groups, with a focus on growing in faith and community.
Wednesday:  Beginning February 21st, 2018
Childcare is not available.
Click here to register.


Can't find the group you're looking for?  Go to crossroads.net/onsitegroups or visit the Group Tool to connect with others looking for the same thing.