Music Teams

Bring the noise.

Thank you for expressing interest in Crossroads’ Worship Team. Please read through the requirements below before completing the audition sign up form.


  • The first phase of auditions is to submit a video recording of yourself. Record a video of you playing whichever song corresponds to your instrument.
  • Drums: “Whatever Pleases You”
  • Electric Guitar: “Be Strong” (*Guitarists, please take a minute to show us your pedal board.)
  • Bass: “Seek the Lord”
  • Vocalists: Prepare both melody on “Be Strong,” and harmony on “Seek the Lord”
  • (If you’re a male vocalist, feel free to invert these two songs if it makes the keys more comfortable.)

  • Keys: “Be Strong”
  • (If you are auditioning for keys you must be familiar with MIDI and software-based synths.)

  • For Worship Leaders: choose one of the following songs and record yourself leading it with musical accompaniment: Whatever Pleases You, Psalm 31. Please start your video by telling us how long you’ve led, where you’ve led or where you are leading currently. If you have a video of you leading in a live environment, we’d love to see that as well.

  • Videos should be uploaded to a video hosting site (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).
  • Provide the video link along with your audition application in this form.

PHASE 2: LIVE AUDITION Live Auditions will be invitation only. We will email those who we would like to see audition live at this time.


  • Must currently be attending a Crossroads location
  • Must be able to play to a click track (metronome)
  • If you are auditioning for keys you must be familiar with MIDI and software-based synths (Reason, Mainstage, Omnisphere, etc.)


  • Each song will have three separate mp3s to help you prepare. The first mp3, labeled “REFERENCE” is the original recording with all parts present. The second file will be the “REHEARSE” with your part and instrument panned left, the click track in the center, and the rest of the band to the right. The third file will will be named “RECORD” and will have your part muted so that you can take it’s place. This is the file you should use when recording your demo so that we can clearly hear what you are doing.
  • When uploading your video to YouTube, Vimeo, etc, make sure privacy settings are set to public.
  • Put your best foot forward. Music is our passion and our craft. We are constantly looking to grow and improve. We want to hear the very best you can do.