Multi-Site Strategy

We want to reach friends who’ve given up on “church” but not on God.

One church, many locations.








West Side

To do that, we want to provide open seats, optimal times and ideal locations for our friends to hear a relevant message and find community. That’s the idea behind our multi-site plan: to grow communities with a unified vision, close to our own homes. And as we grow in other communities, we can mobilize one unified team, ready to change the face of our region for the Kingdom.

Crossroads new sites will not be separate churches—just other locations to experience God through the unique personality of Crossroads. We will operate as one church with one senior pastor, one board of directors, one bank account, one staff and the same message each weekend.

FAQ about Crossroads’ Multi-Site Strategy:

Who is the pastor? Brian Tome is Crossroads’ senior pastor.

Aren’t there plenty of other churches around? Is this multi-site strategy part of Crossroads’ plot for world domination? There are plenty of good churches who are reaching people. We are trying to reach people who aren’t attending church. Opening a Crossroads location in a new area of the city enables people to invite friends in their neighborhood who aren’t willing to drive 20 minutes or more to check out Crossroads in one of its current locations.

I heard you show the message on a video screen at other sites. Is that true? Yes, and it’s been working well at our sites outside of Oakley. Plus, it ensures everyone hears the same message regardless of location. We also may utilize live teaching on occasion, to keep you on your toes.

Who is paying for this? Construction of new locations will be funded by the generosity of folks in our community, as well as commitments made during our I’M IN campaign. Ongoing, all locations will be funded like any other ministry at Crossroads. We will budget according to the vision God’s given us, and then trust that he will provide the funds.

Will there be staff dedicated to new Crossroads locations? Yes, and just like Oakley, they will be part of the overall Crossroads staff team. We’ll start with one campus pastor dedicated to each new location, and then we’ll hire more people to meet needs such as weekend experiences and Kids’ Club. Eventually, some staff may be housed closer to our other locations rather than at Oakley.

What is Crossroads Anywhere? You can attend Crossroads and be a part of the team regardless of where you live or what’s going on in your life. Learn more here.