Mother Daughter Camp
Questions and Answers

How do I register for Mother Daughter Camp?


How much does registration for Mother Daughter Camp cost?

$139.98 (for the both of you).

Can I get a refund after I register?

No, you cannot.

Where is Mother Daughter Camp?

On the Crossroads camp property: Base Camp - located at 420 Neville-Penn Schoolhouse Rd, Felicity, OH 45153. Rolling hills, small ponds, gorgeous views.

What time is Mother Daughter Camp?

Camp runs from 7am on Saturday until 1-2pm on Sunday.

Can I take all of my daughters?

Yes, but only one at a time. Mother Daughter Camp is designed for one-on-one time with you and your daughter.

Can a mother figure take my daughter?

Yes. ABSOLUTELY! There will be additional documents to sign for both the parents and or legal guardian/father figure.

How old does my daughter need to be?

Your daughter must be between the ages of 7-17.

What if we have never camped before?

No problem. Mother Daughter Camp is all about getting you outside of your comfort zone. We’re here to challenge and encourage you.

What if I don't go to Crossroads?

Great! You’re in the right place. There will be other mothers and daughters from around the region that don’t attend Crossroads.

What do I need to bring?

Once you’re signed up, we’ll send you a full list. But the short version is: one duffel bag and one backpack, filled with camping gear, a chair, dry clothes and food.

Is there a hike? How fit do I need to be?

We park our cars one mile from where we camp, so you’ll be walking in with all your gear. It’s rolling hills and a dirt road. But you can absolutely take your time and enjoy the solace of the morning hills. We bring in women of ALL shapes, sizes and fitness levels—so don’t let this element discourage you.

What if I have to leave early?

You’re in for the whole deal if you go.

Is there flexibility to come and go?

Sorry, but no. Once we’re at camp, we’re there to stay—unless there’s some unforeseen emergency. And no leaving early because it disrupts the experience for you and others.

What if it rains?

Then we’ll probably get wet and muddy.

What if there’s an emergency at home while I’m gone?

We’ll have a way for your family to reach you (and you them) if there’s an emergency. And by emergency we don’t mean the cable goes out.

Is it true? No cell phones?

Very true. And even if it sounds painful, it’s probably going to become a huge gift.

How are campsites organized?

Campsites are groups of 6-8 mothers/daughters led by a Campsite Host. We attempt to group women by geographic location. Regardless of who you end up with, there’s plenty of time to mingle—and Mother Daughter Camp is all about inclusion and community. So be prepared to meet new women and experience sweet freedom.

How will I get more details about camp?

Your Campsite Host will connect with you directly via email. They’ll invite you and your daughters in your campsite to meet up before Camp—and that’s the perfect time to ask questions, make plans for who’s bringing and borrowing what, and to bond a bit before the experience itself.

Do I really have to sleep in a tent?

Yep, truly. We’ll all be in tents. But before you write off tent-sleeping as too challenging, consider it’s only one night, you can bring a pillow and sleeping pad for extra padding, and it’s probably not as bad as you’re imagining. Besides, wouldn’t it feel good to try something new? We believe in you!

What if I don’t have a tent?

Fear not! Once you get assigned to a campsite, you can work through that scenario. Women can share, borrow, and figure out solutions. Can’t pitch a tent? No worries. We’re learning, too.

Will there be restroom facilities?

Yes! We’ll have port-a-lets, because while we’re keen to camp, let’s be honest—some stuff just isn’t worth the fight. But there’s also plenty of woods, and we encourage bravery.

This sounds perfect. Where can I drop my daughter off?

Great question! To be clear: This is not a “drop your daughter off” camp, nor is it a day-time camp. It is an overnight camp experience for both mother and daughter.

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