The Weekend Follow-Up

The Weekend Follow-Up

The Weekend Follow-Up is a set of discussion prompts to help your group unpack the weekend. Add Crossroads to your group chat in the Crossroads App to get a couple messages each week, all designed to help you move further and faster toward the full life you were made for.
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Welcome to the Weekend Follow Up.

  1. No judgment here — what’s your go-to splurge item or activity?

  2. Read 2 Corinthians 9:8. God wants freedom for us when it comes to our finances. Maybe you’ve never thought of that before. Brainstorm what it could practically look like for financial freedom and sufficiency to impact “every good work” God has for you.

  3. The world tells us to spend, save, and then give what’s left. God’s invitation is to first give, then save, then spend. That can be a challenging adjustment. What barriers can you identify that prevent you from leaning into God’s process?

  4. You can take control of finances. 1) Pursue a relationship with Jesus 2) Make a budget 3) Find friends who will keep you accountable. Which of these (or something else you’re getting a nudge towards) can you take a step into this week?

  5. Let’s close in prayer. “God, thank you for trusting us to manage our finances. Help us take steps into being managers with integrity. Show us where we can trust you more. Thank you for being a gracious God that provides everything for us to enjoy. Amen.

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