57. What's on the Inside | Garage Bible Study — Jeep CJ7 Restoration

Why do we have a garage? So we can prepare to head out into the world outside of it. Join Brian Tome in his garage for a weekly tune up—no frills, just an old fashioned Bible study with an edge.

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Garage Bible Study

56. You Are the Workmanship — Jeep CJ7 Restoration | Garage Bible Study

As intricate and finely designed the 1987 Jeep CJ7 might've been when it first dropped, God designed you even better. God prepared you for a work. Are you going to do it? Get on your work gloves and get in the Garage with Brian Tome today.

Garage Bible Study

55. You Need a Spotter | Garage Bible Study—Jeep CJ7 Restoration

When you're driving a Jeep over rough terrain, it's not wild to have someone get out of the vehicle and guide you to where you need to go. But when you don't listen to that person who has a different pespective than you and go your own way, things can go off the rails (literally). What's the thing guiding you? We learn to trust the guide and not our emotions in today's Garage Bible Study with Brian Tome.

Garage Bible Study

54. You're Not Made For Auto-Pilot —Jeep CJ7 | Garage Bible Study

When you walk in the Spirit, you start steering your steps towards places you wouldn't go if you were just listening to your own GPS. God wants to take you to new places. Find out how to get there with Brian Tome.

Garage Bible Study

53. Turning Point—Jeep CJ7 Restoration | Garage Bible Study

Your life isn't on rails. You can actually make decisions and turn it to where you want to go. Is the road you're going down a good one? Or do you need to turn (or to use a scary, churchy word, "repent" *gasp*)? Let's figure out how to do that. Get in the Garage with Brian Tome today.