Christmas at Crossroads

Christmas is a story of hope. It’s a story of God making good on his promises, bringing light into a dark, broken world. It’s the story of Jesus’ rescue mission for all of humanity. Join us for an immersive, family-friendly experience of music and teaching that will inspire us all with the hope God offers.

Process, journal or discuss the themes of this article - here's a few questions to get the ball rolling...

Thanks for spending Christmas at Crossroads. Here’s a few questions to get a conversation started. So pour some hot cocoa, gather around the fireplace, and let’s get started.

  1. We’ll start with an easy question. Which song from Christmas at Crossroads did you enjoy the most and why? (Need a refresher or some background music while you chat? Here’s Crossroads Christmas EP)

  2. If we are meant to shine as lights of God in this world, what has he uniquely given you that could light up the lives of those you encounter?

  3. What is one area of your life where you are experiencing darkness and need the Light of the World to rescue you and bring you hope?

  4. What thing in your life has been forever changed by the Light of Life bringing you peace and healing? (Never experienced that before? That’s okay. What’s one thing you can ask peace or healing for? Right now.)

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Merry Christmas. We’ll see you in January.

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Dec 23, 2018 57 mins 42 sec


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