I came to Rooted broken and lonely, God made me whole in those 10 weeks

I came to Rooted broken and lonely, God made me whole in those 10 weeks

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When I first started Rooted I was nervous. In my past I’ve had a VERY rocky relationship with myself, God, and the church. I didn’t know if I would be able to open up to strangers about who I was without feeling criticized. I haven’t led the most traditional life. I’ve made many mistakes and have found myself in situations where I’m lost. I walked into the Rooted hopeful, but guarded. I didn’t want to be vulnerable. As the weeks went I realized how vulnerable the other women in my group were and took notes on what they took from each week’s lesson. They accepted my views and questions and met them with support. They never made me doubt my contribution to the week and what we took away from our readings. During our Prayer Experience God spoke to me, telling me to trust in him. I listened. Weeks went by and more women shared their stories. I listened. When reading each week I opened my heart to God. I listened. When I shared my stronghold, I shared things I’ve said only to five people before. When I shared my story, I was left worried. My life was vastly different in ways, but I was met with support and encouragement. Through Rooted and these women, I have been guided to a better relationship with God and the life he has provided for me. God saw me in a time where I needed someone to listen without judgment, he gave me seven of those someone’s. God took me in a place I was broken and made me whole in this experience with Rooted. Rooted gave me some security in my relationship with God and reassured me that my life can be found in him.

I’ll leave this to end with from the last week of Rooted: “People will get up early, pass fifty churches, and drive all the way across town if they know a warm experience awaits them with genuine love. For someone, the love they receive in church is the only real connection they will experience all week long.”

Love someone today. The way God loves us and the way Jesus loved that he left the 99 to find me, the one who strayed away. -Lauren T.

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