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Request support for my site or ministry

This involves national resources, all-staff, or is a top priority for your specific ministry or site. Examples include: Easter, a 5K race, a new groups campaign, a marketing email, Fireworks at your site, etc.

  • All requests will be reviewed by Brennan and presented to Vivienne and Kyle every two weeks. Approval is based on how closely your initiative aligns with the WIGs and the level of impact it will have on our community.
  • You will be notified once your project has been approved and is added to the Event & Initiative Calendar.
  • Once approved, the appropriate team players are assigned to start building a comprehensive plan.
  • If you don’t get approval, a marketing team rep will follow up to determine other options for supporting your event or initiative.
Request a new project


Already existing files that need resized or edited. Email Melissa at

Request something from the Swag Shop

Pre-designed (and brand approved) assets like shirts, collateral, and banners. Leverage these for your site or ministry.

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Order Business Cards

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Marketing Hotline

Is something not working as it should? Email and someone will respond within 48 hours. Example requests: simple web edits, digital sign artwork changes, a broken web link, etc.

Marketing + Design Team Leads

Marketing Director, Brennan Hill
Lead Strategist for Personalized Content, Nancy Parrott
Lead Strategist for Guided Community, Jaime Juenger
PR, Jenn Sperry
Design Director, DVal
Web Czar, Adam George