Man Veteran Camp
Questions and Answers

Where is Man Veteran Camp?
On the Crossroads camp property: Base Camp 435 acres in Neville, Ohio.

How much is it?
Man Veteran Camp is $99.99.

Are there any physical requirements?
The patrol into Base Camp is about a mile and a half. How hard is it? You won’t be summiting Everest, but it won’t be a morning stroll through the woods. Don’t sweat it.

Will there be alchohol at this event?
Negative, none provided.

What are the age requirements to register for Man Veteran Camp?
MVC is for men 18 and older.

What if I don’t know anybody?
No worries! Everyone will be assigned to a unit, led by a Platoon Sgt. You’ll do everything with your unit: get outfitted, bring food, set up camp, compete and generally solve problems. You are going to be good friends with your unit by the time this is over.

What if I don't go to Crossroads?
Cool! You'll still love it. Vets who don't call Crossroads home will be there.

What if I have to leave early?
You’re in for the whole deal if you go.

What if I sign up, and then cancel at the last minute?
Registration is non-refundable and non-transferable.

What if it rains?
Then we’ll probably get wet.

What if there’s an emergency at home while I’m gone?
We’ll have a way for your family to reach you (and you them) if there’s an emergency. And by emergency we don’t mean the cable goes out or Buster wins his football game.

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