by Judd Watkins

MAN CAMP is an experience that is best shared. If you’re thinking about going, or you already know you are, you’ve probably got a buddy you think should go with you. Well, if you run out of reasons why he should, just look below and tell him:

Because the
daily grind sucks.

Is the highlight of his week watching SportsCenter? Or just getting 10 freaking minutes alone in the crapper without someone asking some asinine question? Does he live in fear? That sucks. He can have a whole weekend to just be a guy. On his own terms. To stretch himself and to have some real, honest, manly FUN with no judgement.

Because war cries
are awesome.

Look, back in the days of Braveheart and all the way back to caveman days, singing was a part of battle. It was the domain of men, warriors, conquerors. I mean, have you ever seen a HAKA? At Man Camp, we worship with loud rock n roll music. If you’ve been to MAN CAMP, think back to when you stood among thousands of your brothers and worshipped your Lord? I do and it was badass. If your buddy goes to church, I’ll bet he has to sing all sort’s of breathy love songs to Jesus. Well you know what, I love Jesus but he ain’t my lover, he’s my LORD. Introduce your buddy to what a battle cry sounds like and you’ll blow his mind!

Because crapping in the
woods rocks.

Not only is it literally how God intended us to poop, it flies directly in the face of today’s world. The one that tells me it’s more important to have the cool car than to know how to change a tire. Give him the chance to get some dirt under his fingernails. To sleep outside and feel what weather actually feels like.

Because men die
without challenge.

The most challenging thing most of us do all day is have a tough conversation with someone on Twitter. We were made for more. For some of us hiking into MAN CAMP is a challenge. For others, sleeping outside or telling the guy across the fire you can’t quit looking at porn is a challenge. Giving your buddy a chance to face a real challenge and overcome it. It will change his life.

Because we forget how
to take off the mask.

We’re all great at seeming to keep it all together. Looking great on social media or at the office or wherever we wear our fake ass mask. There are things your buddy wants to tell someone. Needs to tell someone. There are things he needs help with. Things that he just can’t face alone. Get in there and help that dude.

Because Jesus
was a badass.

Jesus was one of the most manly dudes ever. All we get to see most of the time is the hippy petting a baby sheep that looks more like your Aunt Jean in the 80’s than the disruptive badass he was. This guy led a literal revolution. MEN DIED FOR HIM. Men left families, businesses–everything–to follow him. They didn’t do that because their mom told them to or they got guilted into going to church. They did it because he was the TRUTH. Your buddy needs the truth.

Because the spiritual
world is real.

If you went to MAN CAMP and were brave enough to jump into the MASH tent and get served by those spiritual surgeons, you know what I’m talking about. I don’t care if your buddy hasn’t been to church in twenty years, those guys will bring the Holy Spirit down! There is hope, deliverance and power in that tent in the name of Jesus.

man games.

When do we ever just get to be men? Arm wrastlin’ and rope pullin’. Sure they’re ridiculously over-the-top macho, and that's OK! We need some macho in our cafe latte lives! We need to scream guttural sounds at each other and clap each other on the back in victory or defeat! We need to be fully, unashamedly men!

Because we were
made to work, together.

More and more of us get forced behind a computer screen everyday. We work with our brains not our backs. We work alone, even when on a team. All of that is crap. Sure, it can be great for your bank account but I know some really rich, really miserable, guys. Getting the chance to work hard, and get dirty, on land that God has provided for us is super special.

God shows up.

It may sound super weird, but the presence is thick and real. There is something almost tactile about the presence of God. He is with us in that place. Your buddy may not know he wants that but he wants that!

Whatever reason you think is best, hit him with that one. It doesn’t matter which one, just take the shot. Don’t say no for your friend. Even if you think he’d say no, at least you asked, right?

Look, I know life gets busy. I know there are other things to do that weekend and that, if you call Crossroads home, they’re asking you to do something every other freaking day. I don’t care about all of that. I care about you and your buddy. I’ve seen my life literally changed by the experience we are sharing at MAN CAMP. I have lived it, and it is real. If you want to talk about it, let’s chat.

Go, get him in the game!

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