I Think I Want To Go BUT...

by Judd Watkins

We’ve talked about all sorts of big things that might stand between you and MAN CAMP, but I know there are all sorts of little “buts” that are probably bouncing around in your head as well...

My first instinct is to tell you to “Get your head out of your butt, man up and buy a ticket!” But, this is a church camp - and Jesus, while being a badass, is about grace as well as truth. (Thankfully!)

So, if you’re on the fence, or you’re mostly in but you still have a hand on the fence, consider these things...

I think I wanna go to MAN CAMP but...

I’ve never camped.

Awesome! You’re gonna love it. It is way simpler than you think. Really all you need is a tent, sleeping bag, a chair, a cup and a plate. (You may even be able to bunk in with someone and not need a tent at all).

I don’t have any of that gear.

You can get gear tons of places. From super cheap to super expensive. And, like it says above, your Unit will help you make sure you’re covered. Lots of guys share/loan gear (just no sharing sleeping bags, because eww)

I’m not a fan of all that macho stuff.

The macho stuff is just hype. We’re not neanderthals. This isn’t a book club but trust us, you’ll love it. Really, it's a bunch of dudes hanging out outside for a weekend. Pretty simple. More thoughts on that here.

I’m indoorsy.

That is totally cool. Growth comes from stretching yourself. Come on, do something outside of your comfort zone. Turns out, camping is actually good for you!

I don’t know anyone.

Well, get ready to know a ton of guys. Men need the company of other men, you’ll find that at MAN CAMP. (And, we’ll team you up with a Unit of other men)

I’m worried about sleeping outside.

Sleeping outside is just like sleeping inside, only on the ground. You’ll be fine!

I have a disability.

Depending on what it is, you may be better off not coming. The land is unimproved. Email us at for guidance.

I’m a woman.

You’ll want to check out Woman Camp. MAN CAMP is for men only.

I am struggling with addiction and/or recovery.

Your sobriety is super important and, ultimately, your responsibility. If you’re not sure being around a bunch of other dudes and a ton of beer is a good spot for you, don’t go.

I cannot stand church dudes.

RIGHT?! Us either. You won’t find Ned Flanders at MAN CAMP.

I don’t agree with having beer at a church event.

Lot’s of guys struggle with this but eventually come to terms with it. If you can’t do that, you probably shouldn’t come. Also, check this out for more context and, maybe, some clarity.

I don’t even know where to begin figuring out how to do this.

Relax! You’ll get a Trip Captain who will guide you through the whole process.

I’m so out of shape it hurts.

You don’t need to be Cross-Fit maniac or an Ultra Runner, you’re just camping in a field for a couple nights, you’ll be fine.

I don’t know where I’m gonna get $59 to pay for this.

Well, figure it out. We don’t do scholarships, discounts or freebies. If you can buy smokes or beers, you can find the money to go. If you can’t, maybe this isn’t the right time for you to go.

I don’t have anyone to watch my kids.

How much trouble can they get into in one weekend? Seriously though, spending a weekend becoming a better dad is worth the effort.

I have allergies.

If your allergies are bad enough that ManCamp is an issue, you shouldn't be outside at all. Ever.

I need a CPAP machine to sleep.

Buy a battery operated one or do without it for two nights. We don’t have electricity for you (or anyone). If that doesn’t work for you, MC may not be the right fit for you.

I need a refrigerator for my meds.

Camping refrigerators are called “coolers”.

I am afraid of snakes and spiders.

Grow up. You’re camping in Ohio, not Australia.

I have a rare disorder that makes me super gassy.

You’ll fit right in!

I’ve never prayed out loud.

So what? You won’t be forced to. (And maybe you’ll find out you love that.)

My wife won’t let me.

She’s a knucklehead. This experience will make you the best version of you. Likely the man she wants and needs. Have her read this.

I can’t get time off work.

Yes you can. Figure it out.

Church music makes my butt hurt.

Ours too, at least when it's all breathy and weak. Get a load of BLOODBROTHER. Nothing weak there.

Come on! You can totally do this. You need this!

See you out there,

Entrepreneurial Leader | Adventure Creator | a MAN CAMP Founding Father

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