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Our world tells us otherwise, but we know that growth only comes from challenge. No-one ever got to a new place sitting on their couch. We'll keep the challenge high as we execute MAN CAMP at a remote location outside of Lexington Kentucky. It is going to be hard. You can totally do it. You're stronger than you know. Join us and prove it.

Do something epic.

Sleep outside. Build fires. Laugh. Compete. Split wood. Drink malted beverages. BYO Pretty much everything. Test your strength. Tell stories. Make pals. Talk to God.

Lexington, Kentucky

Get your official CAMPS gear from our partners at Freeset USA.

We don’t sell stuff, but our friends at Freeset do. With each purchase, 50% of proceeds are donated to Crossroads to be used in ministry. So buy a shirt, or ten.

The Mission of Freeset

It’s pretty simple. The goal is to break the cycle of generational poverty and sexual exploitation for women in West Bengal, India by creating jobs in their neighborhoods and selling the products they make in ours.

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Don't Wait. Change Your Life.

If you feel stuck, if you want adventure, if you’re bored of the normal, if you feel alone, if you’re exhausted, if you want real change in your life that lasts—MAN CAMP is for you.