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In the spring of 2022, Crossroads Executive Leadership Team decided to bring together all of our leadership development efforts into one place called Leader Academy in order to equip more leaders to fuel our mission. Leader Academy focuses on holistic strategy to elevate the leadership skills of our staff, young adult leaders, and volunteer leaders. We accomplish this through four focus areas:

  • Scholars: an intensive spiritual and leadership development program focused on equipping young adults 18-25 years old.
  • Volunteer Leader Development: intentional care and investment in our volunteer leaders and future leaders to elevate the experience for our community as a whole.
  • Staff Leadership Development: a holistic plan to elevate the leadership capacity of our staff as whole, including the development of our people managers.
  • CP Pipeline Program: one of our lynchpin positions is our Community Pastor role, we are tasked with developing candidates who have the potential and desire to become a Community Pastor.

Vivienne Lee Bechtold

Position: Director, Studio & Leader Academy
Email Address:
Phone Number: 513-886-7523

Vivienne is a co-founder of Crossroads and part of our Executive Leadership Team with oversight for Leader Academy and our internal agency the Studio (research, analytics, design, marketing, social media & digital products).

Jamie Simms

Position: Leader Academy Director
Email Address:
Phone Number: 513-767-5246
LinkedIn: Link to Profile

As the Leader Academy Director, Jamie leads a team that focuses on developing a pipeline of leaders from volunteers to various levels of staff. Specifically engaging in elevating the leadership skills of Crossroads staff and developing a pipeline of new Community Pastors.

Bryan Carter

Position: Community Pastor Pipeline Program Director
Email Address:
Phone Number: 859-492-5533

Bryan’s primary responsibility is directly building into our current Community Pastors at multiple sites. For the Community Pastor Pipeline, he provides practical perspective and experience to help shape the training program and deliver some of the curriculum.

Jamie Campbell

Position: Volunteer Leader Development Director
Email Address:
Phone Number: 513-633-8360

Jamie is responsible for promoting and enabling a thriving volunteer leader culture at Crossroads. Jamie’s team is focused on building into the volunteer leaders and equipping Crossroads’ staff to take care of them.

Brian Kremer

Position: Scholars Director
Email Address:
Phone Number: 859-394-2744

Brian leads Scholars, which is an intensive spiritual and leadership development program for young adult leaders, ages 18-25. The program equips the next generation of ministry leaders through community, content, and hands-on experience.

Tyler Griffin

Position: Community Pastor Pipeline Program Manager
Email Address:
LinkedIn: Link to Profile

Tyler focuses on creating a pipeline of new Community Pastors. He creates systems and processes for training community pastor candidates.

Jenna Bull

Position: Curriculum Developer
Email Address:
Phone Number: 513-544-5132
LinkedIn: Link to Profile

Jenna collaborates with subject matter experts across ministries, creating content for existing and high potential leaders on staff. Content varies in delivery method, including live sessions, digital training delivered via our learning management system, group curriculums, and experiences.

Christy Painter

Position: Volunteer Leader Development Program Leader
Email Address:
Phone Number: 513-313-9877
LinkedIn: Link to Profile

Christy’s focus is to create a healthy and flourishing volunteer culture through an emphasis on developing leadership skills. She collaborates with all sites and ministries to create leadership training & content for volunteer leaders.

Andrea Stiles

Position: Scholars Project Manager
Email Address:
Phone Number: 513-417-1614

Andrea supports the Scholars program in facilitating, coordinating, and developing the Alumni network, mentorships & internships, and the overall experience of the program.

Olivia Zimmerman

Position: Studio and Leader Academy Project Manager
Email Address:
Phone Number: 513-232-6336

Olivia helps the team from a high level by creating organization and a healthy culture to keep the Leader Academy and Studio teams operating smoothly, effectively, and relationally.

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