Kids' Club Family Experience:

Adults and kids can watch this family experience to hear and talk more about Jesus and "The Wilderness". So gather together, watch and then go to our Facebook page to join the conversation!

Conversation Starters
1. Have you ever been tempted to make a wrong choice? Have you ever felt pressure from friends to make a wrong choice? Talk about it.
2. What did Jesus say and do when he was tempted with something that SEEMED really great, but he knew was wrong?
3. How can we trust Jesus, when we’re going through something hard or scary, or facing temptation?

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What is kids' club?

A fun, welcoming, and safe experience designed just for kids to hear part of God’s Story in language they can understand. It’s free, totally secure, and offered during most weekend services at most sites. And don’t worry—we’ll let you know if your child needs you at any point during the service.

Built for all kids regardless of personality, energy level, or unique need. No matter their age, energy level, or personality, they’re welcome here.

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When is Kids' Club available?

Available during most services at most sites so kids can experience an environment designed with them in mind. View our location and service times before attending to make sure your kids can have fun with us!

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Is it safe?
Heck yeah!

Every volunteer that we work with has been background checked. All building exits are monitored by security. Each Kids’ Club room has a specific ratio of kids to volunteers so everyone is safe at all times.

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Unique experiences for all ages

Experiences designed so a kid can be a kid. Every kid is unique and the same can be said about every age. Experiences for every age group are built to best serve them. We don’t have babies play dodge ball. Unless they’ve got great aim and then we put them in the fifth grade room. But just for one game.

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