UNDIVIDED™ Justice Team

Some see poverty, hopelessness and bondage. God sees an opportunity to work together toward justice, mercy and healing. The Justice Team works with organizations setting a new racial trajectory in our city. Volunteers help with expanding preschool access, partnering to confront mass incarceration and striving to ensure every job in our community provides its employees a sense of dignity and the resources to care for those they love.

Who: Do you see racial and economic injustice around you? Do you have a fire burning in you to change this city and world for the betterment of all peoples? Then this team is for you.

The Undivided Justice Team is open to anyone who has or is currently enrolled in the Undivided curriculum at Crossroads. We believe that Undivided lays a solid foundation for the work of racial and economic justice that the Justice Team builds on.

Why: Many people in Greater Cincinnati suffer at the hands of systems and structures that seek to keep them oppressed. We have heard the call of a Loving Father who wants to see all of His kids free and able to pursue His Kingdom. The Undivided Justice Team is partnering with God to bring about systemic change to usher in His Kingdom here on Earth. When we pray, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven” we mean it.

What Do We Do: Engaging in Justice Work looks different to different people. The Undivided Justice Team steps into the natural flow of Undivided through calculated action to change our city and world. We meet monthly at the Crossroads Oakley Campus to learn more about what we are up against and fellowship with one another; we work on specific campaigns within our region alongside other justice-seeking groups to change the policies and systems that keep people disenfranchised and in bondage; we engage our communities through events that are focused on bringing God’s Biblical Justice to the public arena.

Hungry to Learn More: Here are a list of resources that are integral to an understanding of the injustices that specific groups of God’s children face and how you can change that.


  • Social Justice Handbook- Mae Elise Cannon
  • The New Jim Crow- Michelle Alexander
  • The Cross and the Lynching Tree- James Cone
  • Between the World and Me- Ta-Nehisi Coates
  • Just Mercy- Bryan Stevenson
  • Faith Rooted Organizing- Peter Heltzel and Rev. Alexia Salvatierra



Click here to Sign Up or for questions Contact us at justiceteam@crossroads.net.