Carrying God’s Heart for Revival Keith Thomas

If you take this class, you’ll leave with:

  1. An ability to discern what is true revival, and what isn’t.
  2. A greater desire to be part of the coming revival.
  3. An empowering from the Holy Spirit to do just that!

Never heard of Keith?

  • He’s lived as a commercial fisherman in England, church planter, and small groups pastor (and husband) for over 35 years… Keith has some experience!
  • He’s served as a Vineyard pastor since 1990.
  • Oversaw 52 small groups in Cincinnati… he’s sewn and reaped here!
  • Now teaches Bible full time, to 7 small groups around the city and at groupbiblestudy.com, and leads teaching tours to Israel annually.

Painting Through Your Healing Journey Megan Busch

If you take this class you’ll leave with:

  1. An amazement that God would actually speak through YOUR painting!
  2. More maturity! You will be further along your trusting and receiving road with Christ.
  3. Openness to seeing and hearing the Father in many more creative pathways.

Determined Toward Discipleship Dan and Anya Heinbaugh

If you take this class you’ll leave with:

  1. A Biblical understanding of what “following Jesus” really means.
  2. Clarity that you have committed yourself fully to Him.
  3. Freedom from hangups that lead to half-hearted lukewarmness.

Awe and Intimacy Walt Witham

If you take this class you’ll leave with:

  1. An expanded sense of wonder at God’s greatness and goodness.
  2. A love of worship like never before in your life, based on experience.
  3. Understanding how to approach the LORD no matter your circumstances.

Never heard of Walt?

  • A zealous student of Kingdom principles and all God’s ways, Walt has been ministering powerfully in Jesus’ name for over 35 years.
  • The LORD has taken him from the California Jesus People movement, where he was born again, to Baptist churches, Messianic Jewish temples, Vineyard Churches, and house groups. He’s been around.
  • Walt is a worship leader, discipler, auctioneer, online instructor, and general roustabout.
  • He’s self described as “0 for 1 in raising the dead… but looking for my next opportunity”!

Ministry to Those Around You Matt Heinbaugh

If you take this class, you’ll leave with:

  1. A Biblical understanding of what “ministry” really is (not just programs).
  2. Experience in non-religious, compassionate, easily-received ministry to others.
  3. A blown mind, because you’re going to see God in action in this class!

Never heard of Matt?

  • He trained and worked as a pastor in Las Vegas, and has planted 3 churches.
  • He’s spoken 1000+ times across the country and trained 100s of leaders.
  • He advises local pastors in Cincinnati.
  • More than anything, Matt wants to bring the Kingdom of God and empower people like you to live in faith.

More Me in Him Susan Carson

If you take this class, you’ll leave with:

  1. A Biblical understanding of what “abiding” means and,
  2. Experience both alone and with others actually doing it!
  3. Also, a healed image of God… and of you.

Never heard of Susan? (…where have you been?)

  • She’s an author, speaker, podcaster, and the founder/director of Roots&Branches Network, a listening and healing prayer ministry in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • She’s all about shame-free, noise-free, formula-free spaces for real healing.
  • Susan served as Director of Curriculum at Vineyard Community Church, and Communications Director for Kerus Global Education.
  • Her greatest joys are being a wife, mom, stepmom, and friend.

Dreams and Visions Brad Fahrenkamp

If you take this class, you’ll leave with:

  1. A Biblical understanding of the importance of prophetic dreams.
  2. A conviction that God wants to talk to YOU through dreams!
  3. The radical experience of hearing from God in a dream and receiving an interpretation for it.

Never heard of Brad?

  • Brad and his wife Sara run a ministry equipping individuals and families in the gifts of the spirit and prophetic prayer. They minister as a family with their sons, Colin (12) and Nicholas (9).
  • Brad’s been fascinated by his unusual prophetic gifts since childhood and studied occultic “seeing” before meeting Jesus. He’s been studying Biblical prophecy (the best kind!) for over 15 years and has been training others for 5 years.
  • He worked as a Financial Advisor for 20 years and has been on staff at Crossroads in the past.
  • Brad also volunteers his time with Bear Creek Ranch Ministry in Georgia.


Songwriting in Worship Sarah Robinson

If you take this class, you’ll leave with:

  1. A Biblical enthusiasm for worship and writing.
  2. Technical tools for improving your writing.
  3. Worship songs that you wrote!

Never heard of Sarah?

  • She’s been writing songs since age 9 and studied songwriting at Belmont U in Nashville.
  • Lived in Nashville writing and recording with a who’s who of Christian songwriters.
  • Sarah loves to set worship writers free through scripture-based study
  • She believes that worship is the greatest power given to the church, “the marriage of our belief and the sound of our declaration”

Spirit Gifts: Avenues for Obedience Al Buchweitz

If you take this class, you will leave with:

  1. An understanding as to why you should “desire greater gifts” if you already have spiritual gifts!
  2. A discernment between spiritual gifts and ministry preferences (and know which you’ve got!)
  3. Experience seeking and practicing spiritual gifts.
  4. An understanding of what the “baptism of the Holy Spirit” means, scripturally, and why there’s so much disagreement about it.

Never heard of Al?

  • Al is VP of Growth at Elemental Churches, a group that consults church leaders.
  • He’s done everything from planting churches to serving on exec teams, to inventing products and founding a sports equipment company.
  • He loves gently leading people into greater gifts of the Spirit… with elfin mirth
  • Al and his wife Stephanie have seven children, three sons-in-law, and a dog named Jack!

Transformed into Glory Bearers Mary Senff

If you take this class, you will leave with:

  1. An experience of the Biblical foundation of our identity as image bearers.
  2. The ability to identify the lies you’ve believed, and walk out of them.
  3. Release to live powerfully in glory… and the assignment to set others free.

Never heard of Mary?

  • She and her husband Tim lead Crossroads Mason.
  • She has been discipling younger women for over 20 years.
  • She has zealously pursued Jesus privately and publicly for over 30 years.
  • She mothers 4 children, ages 4 to 17 (she’s a killer baker)… and she’s really fun.

Ministry to the LORD Austin Smith

If you take this class, you’ll leave with:

  1. A discipline of daily prayer.
  2. Freedom from religious performance.
  3. Understanding and practice in praying in the Spirit and fasting.

Never heard of Austin?

  • He has seen God’s power repeatedly, in his work as a director of a nonprofit mission agency in Kenya for 2 years.
  • He has led hundreds of men in waking up to the Spirit’s activity in their lives.
  • He is an entrepreneur and health coach.
  • He is a trusted leader of the Man Camp MASH team.

Normal, Supernatural Evangelism Wilson Cochrane

If you take this class, you’ll leave with:

  1. A template (and experience!) for sharing the gospel in a non-religious way.
  2. A greater Biblical knowledge and experience of God’s heart for the lost.
  3. More FAITH to believe that God wants to move in the lost and hurting around you.

Never heard of Wilson?

  • He’s a co-executive pastor at Vineyard Church Northwest.
  • He spent 2 years with Youth With A Mission leading evangelistic outreaches throughout the Middle East and Southeast Asia.
  • He’s a missions junkie, having traveled to 21 nations sharing the gospel and equipping church leaders.
  • His love of Muslims led him toward his degree in International Affairs with a minor in Arabic Language and Culture at UC!

Prophecy 101 Jason and Kristin Scott

If you take this class, you will leave with:

  1. Having heard God’s voice at a greater level, or for the first time.
  2. The conviction that prophecy is for every believer, including you.
  3. The knowledge and experience to prophesy to others healthily and effectively.

Never heard of the Scotts?

  • They’ve been teachers in “School of Kingdom Ministry” for years.
  • They lead worship through visual arts at Northstar Church.
  • Jason is part of D3 Cincy - Prophetic Prayer for Business.
  • Jason is also a trusted leader on the Man Camp MASH Team.

Secrets for a Sustainable Life in God David Sheldon

If you take this class you’ll leave with:

  1. Practical tools for staying connected and committed to Jesus for a lifetime.
  2. A more spirit-centric (and less flesh- and culture-centric) heart.
  3. The wisdom collected over the lifetime of one of our city’s saints.

Never heard of David?

  • A Nazarene preacher’s son, David was born in Cincinnati and lived here all his life, raising his family of 3 with his wife Jenifer.
  • He was a freelance illustrator for nearly 30 years, drawing for books, games, corporations and television shows.
  • In 2017 David founded The Heart Trust, a ministry with the purpose of “bringing the presence and revelation of GOD to the heart of man for intimate healing and sustainable growth”. David is called to pastor the men of our city.
  • David describes himself as “old, old, old!”… but his warm passion for the LORD and His people blesses everyone he instructs.