Crossroads Jump School

Training and equipping Freedom Fighters

In response to the powerful work God is entrusting to us (measured both by ministry fruit to date, as well as hunger from those now ministering to grow in their gifts), we are piloting a Crossroads-based training center which prepares its students for a life of discipleship and effective ministry. (We aren’t the first in the city to do this; we are happy to be followers and learners on this one!) We seek to better equip those already operating in their gifts, while exposing others for the first time into the gifts of the Spirit… but only after teaching correct relationships in the body. The school does have an OUT goal but, because ministry so easily warps into performance, identity-seeking, and a substitute for intimacy, we will only train in OUT after establishing UP and IN relationships. The emphases of the school will be three-fold: Relationship, Giftedness, and Ministry Tools.

“Jump School” is a reference to military paratrooper training. Skill, preparedness, and proper outfitting certainly come into play, but ultimately, trust in the unseen, and a willingness to launch into the unknown, is paramount. We like the metaphor.

As of now, our assumption is that our students will be FOLLOWERS. That is to say, they believe the Bible is true, want to follow Jesus with their lives, and are at least willing to explore the life of the Spirit. They seek to be wholehearted toward following Jesus, holding nothing back and submitting totally to their Good Master. Crossroads Jump School does not at this time seek to disciple students per se (meaning: turn a seeker or receiver into a follower), but merely to turn existing disciples into fit soldiers, ready for service. Regarding the focus areas:

  1. Relationship. We live in a culture that has marginalized human connection to the edge of obliteration. Awe at our own potential or at technology has replaced a natural flow of love between us and our Creator. Digital mediation between people reduces our sensitivity and connectedness, and soft skills like friendship, conflict, submission, and basic “one anothering” care are seeping away. For the Christ follower, this must never be so; CJS aims to rewire the next generation for relationships that roll out a red carpet for the LORD’s presence.
  2. Giftedness. After identity as a son of God is established, and an understanding of the value of human connection… what then? Each of us needs to understand how we’re like the rest of the Body in some functions, but unlike most of the Body in others. By searching out the scriptural explanations for these gifts (then practicing them together) we will prize the gifts in our students and release them to be unique supports to others.
  3. Tools of Ministry. For the disciple of Christ who knows their identity in the LORD, “training for ministry” is really a simple matter of exposure and practicing skills. Walking in the Spirit and understanding His love for others, we intend to equip students with practical, Scripturally-rooted tools for externalizing that love.

Each class meeting will consist of teaching as well as “drill groups” in which students will practice the skills being covered. Students will leave each class not just informed, but skilled in the Word.

Will you join us? Email for more information.