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*Disclaimer: First, this is not an exhaustive list of teachers we like. There are thousands and thousands of incredible, biblically sound teachers throughout history. These are only a handful to get you going. Second, just because someone made this list, it DOESN’T mean Crossroads endorses EVERY SINGLE THING they’ve said throughout all of time. Don’t cancel us because X said Y eighteen years ago and you don’t think it’s biblical. Discernment is part of the process of receiving teaching well, and that means developing the ability to consider what is good, allow ourselves to be challenged by different thinking, and ultimately ignore something that we truly believe is wrong. But let’s not throw the dog out with the chewed up Xbox controller.

Esau McCauley
American biblical scholar and Assistant Professor of New Testament at Wheaton College

Beth Moore
Speaker, Author and founder of Living Proof Ministries which is dedicated to encourage people to come to know and love Jesus Christ through the study of Scripture.

Bible Project
Millions of people go to these dudes everyday with their questions about The Bible.

Tim Keller
World renowned author, pastor and theologian. Odds are Tim Keller is your favorite pastor's favorite pastor.

NT Wright
English New Testament scholar, Pauline theologian and Anglican bishop

Jo Saxton
Author, speaker, podcast host, and leadership coach. Also has an awesome accent.

John Mark Comer
Best selling author of “The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry” which inspired a lot of Journey content this year.

Mike Todd
Pastor and best selling author. If you are under 28 you’ve probably heard of or at least seen a video clip of Mike Todd.

CS Lewis
You’ve probably heard of “The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe” but have you checked out the classic book “Mere Christianity?” It will set some really helpful rails for your spiritual growth.

Priscilla Shirer
Second generation author, motivational speaker, actress, and Christian media personality, and evangelist.

Andy Stanley
Best selling author, world renowned leadership speaker, pastor. Basically Brian Tome with his shirt tucked in.