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The Art of Storytelling

Sharing your story takes practice but the Bible is clear, your story has power (Revelation 12:11). Watch the following videos for tips and examples on how to consider crafting your own story.

What makes a great story?

Some of our best storytellers giving you quick tips on how to think about telling a better story.

Brian Tome and the 2x4

Brian Tome talks about the importance of having a point, catching people off guard, and giving them something to chew on as you tell your story.

Listen to some of these stories and consider how it increases your own faith. Each one is an example of taking the tips above and putting them into the practice of story sharing.

That Miller Lite Saved My Life

Consider raising the stakes. How can your story include a [near] life or death experience? Listen to Caleb tell a story about the Miller Lite that saved his life.

The Prayer of a 10-Year-Old

Think about ways you’ve seen God make connections or impact people in ways you can’t even explain. Listen to Justin tell one unbelievable story about a connection just like that.

The Love of a Father

When sharing your story, consider a moment where God really got your attention and what it revealed to you about Him. Listen to Tim describe his newfound respect for the love of the father.

Prompted Towards Action

Following through on something you feel like God spoke to you can be a powerful story tool. Listen to Jamie describe a time just like that.