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Journey FAQs

What’s a “Journey”?
Thousands of people (kids and adults) coming together to focus on a topic to kick-start spiritual growth. It’s a five-week, choose your own adventure that includes weekly teaching, individual challenges and time to connect and discuss in groups.

Groups? Like Aunt Betty’s weekly morning Bible study?
Think less Bible Study and more dinner party. Other people in a similar stage of life asking similar questions. Not to over promise, but a lot of people around Crossroads make new, life-long friends in these things. #besties.

When does it happen?
Week 1: Sept 14/15
Week 2: Sept 21/22 (Groups start)
Week 3: Sept 28/29
Week 4: Oct 5/6
Week 5: Oct 12/13

How much does it cost?
$Free.99. To get the most of the journey be prepared to set aside four 2-hour blocks of time to meet with your group. Group is where the magic happens, trust us.

I’m on the fence with this whole God thing, can I participate?
Heck yes. All are welcome, no matter where you fall on the spiritual spectrum. Come with an open mind and bring your questions, it will be great.

What does it mean to lead a group?
Leading a group means you’ll coordinate the place and time for your group to meet, and then lead the conversation. We have tools to help make the experience memorable for your group. If you’ve considered leading before, this is a great time to start.

How do I sign up to lead a group?
If you’re interested in leading a group, go to crossroads.net/journey, click lead a group and create your group in the Group Tool. You’ll see it already designated as a Journey group, but mark it as public for people to be able to search and join it.

How can I get into a group?
Go to crossroads.net/journey to get connected to a group through the Group Tool. Type in a keyword or your zip code to search for more specific Groups, or click the three lines next to the location search for more filters.

I can’t find a group that works for me, what should I do?
If you haven’t found a group in the Group Tool that works for you, you have a couple options. At crossroads.net/journey You can...:
Start your own group
Join an onsite group
Join a group that meets online (you can filter by “online groups” in the Group Tool)

I have requested a few groups and no one has gotten back to me, what should I do?
If this is the case, email us at groups@crossroads.net and we'll help. It could be a technical issue or it's the Group Leader not getting back to you. Either way, we're happy to help dig into it to get the right answers. It's helpful for us to know what groups you’ve reached out to and we'll try to connect you with the leader.

Will there be onsite groups at my local Crossroads location?
Yep. You’re always welcome to join an ongoing onsite group and do the Journey with them. You can find the available onsite groups at crossroads.net/journey.

What if I’m already in a group?
Great! Do the journey with your current group. If your group is larger, we suggest breaking up into groups of 8-10 people for the sake of time. If you have space for additional people, we would encourage you to make your group public for others to join on the Group Tool. Or if you’ve had the itch to lead, this is the best time to start.

How does group time work?
Your group will meet together every week for 4 weeks (starting after the weekend services on Sept 21/22). Group one you’ll share food and get to know each other. Group two you’ll be challenged to have a shared experience. Group three and four you’ll talk about what you’ve learned and what you want your next step to be. These are low-pressure settings meant to be relaxing and fun, but it works best if you can commit to being at all four.

Will there be some kind of financial ask during this thing?
Nope. You will be asked to have fun though.

Can I do the Journey with my entire family?
Yep. Kids are experts at play and this journey is a great chance to grow together as a family while you play! Plus, kids and students can engage in the journey with their friends through Kids' Club and Student Ministry.

How long does it take to get through the group and individual content?
The group discussion will take about an hour. If you have a larger group, or your group is extra chatty, it may take up to 90 minutes. The individual work is totally up to you and at your pace. It’s no homework that you have to crank through, it’s just supplemental work that will enrich your experience.

If I miss a weekend service during the series, can I still participate?
Yep. Our weekend messages are posted online at crossroads.net/live and in the Crossroads app, so you can catch up if you have to miss. The weekend experience is a large component of the journey, but it is just one of three important components. The weekend message, individual challenges, and group discussion are all integrated so you’ll have the best experience participating in all of them. Remember that you can catch services even when you’re out of town by streaming live through the Crossroads app or crossroads.net/live.

I’ll need to miss a meeting. Can I still be in a group?
We encourage you to try really, really hard to make it to all the meetings...group time is the most impactful part of the journey. But of course we know that life happens. Just let your group leader know in advance when you won’t be able to attend.

What materials do I need?
You’ll need the Crossroads app. It’s available anywhere apps are, search Crossroads Anywhere. There will also be a printed guide, those will be available at all Crossroads sites starting September 14/15. You’ll also need a shirt, don’t do this journey shirtless.

What's this group chat thing and how do I do it?
We created this little guide with some answers. Check it out

What if I don’t have a data plan on my device?
No sweat. You can leverage free wifi at all sites or hit up your local coffee shop.

What if I run into problems downloading or accessing the app?
We’ll have a support team that can be reached at appsupport@crossroads.net

Have more Questions?
Relax. We’re here to help. Send an email to groups@crossroads.net.