5 Tips to Ensure a Great Online Journey Experience

Say Hi.

When you join the meeting, say hi to anyone else that's there. Might seem obvious, but if they aren't looking at the video, they might not notice you've joined.

Aligning everyone's schedule can be a tall order so we’ll do the heavy lifting for you. We will suggest the best time for you based on your group’s preferences. If you would like to adjust the time in your preferred window, meet at the set time in your email for the first meeting. After your first meeting, you can adjust the start time to one that will work best for everyone.

Avoid the distractions

It may feel more difficult on Zoom, but try to eliminate distractions. Busy backgrounds or the sound of TV's can take away from your discussion. Kids and pets might jump in from time to time, and that's ok because it's real life. Just try to control what you can. Zoom's virtual background feature can help if they aren’t distracting.

Look at the camera

It's a lot easier to look distracted when you're on a video call. Try to turn off notifications on your phone or any other windows on your computer. It will help the entire group's engagement.

Hot Mics are dangerous—be warned.

Check that your microphone is unmuted and your camera is on to ensure that all your friends can hear you and see you when you speak. If you notice that someone in the meeting is speaking but their microphone is muted, pause and ask them to unmute themselves.

By invite only.

You will receive an email to connect to your zoom meeting that is your magical connection for you and you alone. Sharing the email that includes the link for you will not work for any of your friends. If you or someone in your group can't get logged in, go to crossroads.net and chat with us and we will help you get going.

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If you have any issues during your group time, email hello@crossroads.net.