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There is a faith that can anchor you.
It’s happened for millions of people, over thousands of years, and it can work for you. These uncertain times are whipping us all over the place. We need something to hold onto in our lives. The good news is there's a core set of beliefs that have anchored people through all kinds of trials, problems, and yes, pandemics.

The anchor of the soul is sure and steadfast.

- Hebrews 6:19


Some of the most meaningful experiences of our lives come through invitation. Think back to your best memories. Chances are they involve being invited into something. What could be better than an invitation that could literally change a life. All it takes is texting people something in your own voice. Text is the most immediate and personal thing we currently do. Craft your three sentences and hit send. The worst thing that can happen is that people don't respond.

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There’s just something about connecting with people “live” even in our digital world. I’m realizing that my smart phone's most basic feature, making phone calls, goes a long way in this era of spatial distancing. A phone call, connecting voice to voice (or FaceTime to FaceTime) is a good way to connect with people in your life, maybe even some you haven’t called in a while. As part of sharing how to maintain a healthy mindset, I’m sharing the upcoming teaching series that I’m excited about. From there it’s a natural step to invite them to check out one of the messages.

“If you’re anything like me you might feel like your being whipped all over the place. We need something to hold onto. The next Crossroads series, Anchored, is all about a faith that has anchored millions of people over thousands of years, and it can work for us, too! This weekend the first message is premiering and I’d love for you to watch it. I’ll share the link, and if you want we can chat about it afterwards.”


Invite someone you've been able to connect with in a meaningful way in just the past 2 weeks. Often my best invitations are the most timely invitations. Think about who seems interested in you and warm to you right now, even if it was just one good interaction. I find God often puts people in my path for a precise moment when they might be uniquely open to hearing something from me.

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Social media is ALL about connecting around shared experiences. So think about the experiences your friends are having right now. 🤔 Like most of the world, they probably just finished all of Netflix and are now desperately looking for stuff to watch that doesn’t leave them feeling like trash (which unfortunately rules out all shows featuring tigers, made by tigers, and anything to do with ligers).

When you invite them on social, use your opening line to connect over your shared experience and maybe even make them laugh. Use the next line (which should be the last line BTW—no one reads all the words) to promote the next Series as the solution to that shared experience. Lastly, find a Crossroads post about the series, click “share” and put those words in the “say something about this” box above the shared post. Boom, now you’re a social media savant. Use your powers for good and not trolling. 🙏

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