25 years ago we decided that church should be inspiring.

Our founders bet their lives on seven principles — The Seven Hills We Die On. Today we still follow the path to be authentic in teaching culturally current, biblical truth. By doing life together while never settling for less than excellence. And to reproduce leaders and grow people spiritually to expand God’s kingdom.

Explore our Seven Hills
crossroads church core team in 1996 at Ault Park in cincinnati

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brian tome sitting at desk in 1996 of crossroads church

It started with 11 normal people just like you.

Fed up with religiosity and confusing church rituals that were driving their friends away from God, they decided to start something new. So they pushed all their chips in, mortgaged their homes, and took a chance on some no-name, 30-year-old kid from Pittsburgh (Brian Tome) and guaranteed his salary for one year. What followed was 25 years of God using this place to change the world. We’ve offended countless people along the way, but when you’re willing to die for what you believe in, you tend to ruffle feathers. We don’t play church. If you’re easily offended this probably isn’t for you.

crossroads peoples middle school

Hear how it all started, the story of starting a church.

Biblical Truth
biblical truth citylink protests outside of crossroads oakley
CityLink Center

The Bible says to care for the poor.
We follow the Bible.

That’s why despite8 years of protest, angry letters, City Council injunctions, lawyer fees,and vehement criticism in the community, we fought and opened a best-in-class, all-in-one service agency dedicated to ending generational poverty in Cincinnati. That’s the story of CityLink. That’s the story of dying on the hill of Biblical truth. If God says it, we do it.

CityLink Center

Watch this incredible story of a life changed through CityLink Center.

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awaited at crossroads
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culturally current crossroads christmas special with lecrae and amy grant

We’ll do anything short of sin to reach people.

Why did we spend millions of dollars creating a fully immersive Christmas experience called Awaited and then give away hundreds of thousands of tickets to it for free? Why did we reinvent the Christmas Special and push it out to over 8 million people online around the country? Why? Because we will do absolutely whatever it takes to reach people with the message of Jesus in a language they understand. Even if we go broke doing it.

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What does it mean to do "anything short of sin" to reach people?
Read the article

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doing life together feature image south africa

We’re one team tackling God-sized problems.

We don’t just write checks, we move into the neighborhood. In 2006 we opened the largest AIDS hospice in South Africa. That project ultimately failed, but we regrouped, chalked it up to learning, and kept working. We’ve been in the fight against sexual slavery and human trafficking in India and Nepal since 2007. And guess what, that battle wages on. Whether we’re winning or losing, we’re GOing, together. Interested in being used by God? Join us.

doing life together reachout south africa

Don't miss this amazing story from our work in India that's creating real life change

doing life together reachout trip to new orleans
kids club and auditorium at crossroads

We’re not saving our money for a rainy day. It’s raining now.

Why do people get upset when they see churches having nice things? Big TVs and gourmet coffee. (Do you have a large TV? Do you like good coffee?) We will never want your used furniture in our student ministry room. We will never accept your hand-me-down toys in our Kids’ Club. God wants our best so we give him our best. We budget for what we think He is calling us to and then we pray he’ll provide. He has. For 25 years. We’re committed to excellence. Sorry/not sorry if that bothers you.

Crossroads coffee cup

The Crossroads coffee story,
WAY more than just free coffee on Sunday.

Read the coffee story
real encounters with god in israel
crossroads real encounters on location
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crossroads church audiorium

Lisa's Story
Lisa was floundering without a church community but traveled too much to make weekends work. A friend invited her to check out Crossroads and she has found a new level of connection. Read Lisa's incredible story.

If God is using it, we’ll scale it.

People thought the idea of one church in multiple locations was stupid. “People won’t watch a teaching on a big screen. That’s not church. Dumb idea.” Crossroads now has 10 vibrant growing sites in Ohio and KY and we’re just getting started. We’ll continue to reproduce what God is doing in this place as long as he’s doing it. (BTW, we tried to find an “F” word for “reproduction” but eventually gave up. DM us your ideas.)

crossroads multiple church locations map

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picture of crossroads community members being baptized

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When you commit to God, We’ll baptize you on the spot. Better hope there’s clean water around, cause we aren’t picky.

The most important work God is doing is the work he’s doing in you. This place exists to help YOU connect with God. That’s a lifetime of learning and growing and it starts with a decision to commit and be baptized. We’ll do that any time in any place we can find water. From a frozen lake to a muck-filled farm pond. The Ohio River or a neighbor’s hot tub. If maturity and personal spiritual growth aren’t high on your list of goals, maybe try golf on Sunday instead. We’re about movement, period.

crossroads community member baptized in pond
picture of crossroads community members being baptized in lakes, pools, rivers.

The Basics

God has something to tell you.

Give us 30 days to prove it.