Meet people, grow, and go to new places in life. These groups are designed for a specific life stage or topic you want to grow in.

Site-based Groups are where you can connect with others in your life stage or dive into a certain topic together.

Adoption & Foster Family Resources

We are adoptive, foster and kinship parents who are committed to caring for the fatherless. We join together to grow through training, education and most importantly building community with other adoptive and foster families. We are encouraged as we share stories and lear...


Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith. Each talk looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation. Alpha is run all around the globe, and everyone is welcome. Meeting online via Zoom while buildings are shut down. Re...

Bible Groups

Join a community of people of all ages as they sharpen each other through prayer, studying the Bible, and encouraging each other to put God’s plan into action in their daily lives.


We want to be a group that identifies themselves as God’s Children in the most personal way. We want to open to share the not so great things in our lives and the sweet things. We want to connect closer to our God and each other.

Critical Skills

Critical Skills combines training in the basic skills of a maturing Jesus follower with tactical awareness of the enemy and practical experience in the ways God provides healing, deliverance and freedom—placing a heavy emphasis on practice over information. Click here fo...

Crossroads Jump School

Jump School seeks to aggressively deploy power, love, and sound minds into the world for the Kingdom of Christ. We ground disciples in Relationship, teach them Identity, then train them to become an active minister. It’s not your regular bible school. It’s more like train...


For men with kids who want to answer questions like: How do I meet my family’s needs in the midst of my career? How do I become the man my wife genuinely enjoys and my kids seek out? What is my legacy? Meeting online via Zoom and In Person Options. Register for the group...


Join a community of men of all ages as they sharpen each other through prayer, studying the Bible, and encouraging each other to put God’s plan into action in their daily lives. Some Meeting online and In Person Options. Register for the group and we’ll send you more inf...


Moms, single and married, discover what it looks like to bring God’s design into the home. Connect with other Moms who are working towards keeping order and balance while juggling it all and keeping Christ at the center.

Prayer School Online

Prayer School Online gives you the opportunity to learn and actively engage in the prayer liturgy that Brian Tolle has developed during pastoral ministry. Prayer school will help you gain a fresh perspective on the purpose of prayer and will provide you with a sustainable...


Rooted is a 10-week experience for people in every stage of life, wherever they are in their relationship with Jesus. Discussions are held in small groups of 10-15 people. We’ll explore the Bible, engage in experiences, share stories and practice rhythms essential to a he...

Senior Connection

Join a community of senior men and women, ages 60 and over, as they learn, grow in relationship, have fun, and encourage each other to put God’s plan into action in their daily lives.


UNDIVIDED is a six-session journey designed to help individuals grow within the context of a diverse group setting. Following the 6R’s (Redeem, Relationship, Reality, Repentance, Reconciliation & Reignite), conversations become catalysts for the kind of growth that b...

The Weekend Follow-Up

Weekend Follow Up Groups are the easiest ways to meet new people and make this place feel smaller. All you need to do is watch the weekend message, then show up!

Welcome to the Revolution

This 4-week group is for people who want to know the essentials of the following Christ— people who want an exciting, ever-deepening relationship with Jesus without all the spiritual clichés and add-on rules. A new Christ-follower seeking to know about the new life they a...


Join a community of women from diverse backgrounds, experiences and bible knowledge, as we study God’s word in a safe, encouraging and loving environment. Open to all women who want to deepen their faith through worship, Bible studies and community. Join us and see how th...

Young Adults

Young Adults is a discipleship community for anyone ages 21-35 who wants to make friends and grow in their faith. Join us in person (safely socially distanced) or on Zoom