Welcome to the Revolution

East Side

Starts November 2
Mondays Online via Zoom. 7PM on Mondays Starts Nov 2nd for 4 weeks


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Perfect for
Anyone newer in your relationship with God? Wondering what to do and how to grow? If you want help to understand your new connection with God and have all of your questions answered.
How Long
4 Weeks

This 4-week group is for people who want to know the essentials of the following Christ— people who want an exciting, ever-deepening relationship with Jesus without all the spiritual clichés and add-on rules. A new Christ-follower seeking to know about the new life she is about to begin. The group covers the basics to the practical (Bible reading and building community) to the profound (concepts of forgiveness and prayer). This is for anyone that wants to learn more about God in an accessible way.

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