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It’s true. We get by with a little help from our friends. Find yours here.

Onsite Groups

We’re all about groups here and want you to have great friends. Below are groups we have inside our building. Onsite groups help you stretch beyond your normal to help you meet people, mature, and move.

Adoption & Foster Family Resources

We are adoptive, foster and kinship parents who are committed to caring for the fatherless. We join together to grow through training, education and most importantly building community with other adoptive and foster families. We are encouraged as we share stories and lear...

Bible Groups

Join a community of people of all ages as they sharpen each other through prayer, studying the Bible, and encouraging each other to put God’s plan into action in their daily lives.

Critical Skills

Critical Skills combines training in the basic skills of a maturing Jesus follower with tactical awareness of the enemy and practical experience in the ways God provides healing, deliverance and freedom—placing a heavy emphasis on practice over information. Click here fo...

Crossroads Jump School

In response to the powerful work God is entrusting to us (measured both by ministry fruit to date, as well as hunger from those now ministering to grow in their gifts), we are piloting a Crossroads-based training center which prepares its students for a life of disciplesh...

God Experiment

This is a 8-week group filled with people who don’t know God, Jesus, and the bible. Bring your questions about who God is, whether or not He exists, and what it would mean to say “yes” to a relationship with Jesus. This is a space to ask any question (really any question)...

Intentional Family

Explore how young parents can build Kingdom family culture for their households. We’ll tackle topics and share tools around family story, team, and vision. Join us for as many sessions as you’d like. Best for parents of babies up through 5th grade. Meeting online via Zoo...

Ministry 101

Lots of us love the idea of serving others but only know how to do so physically. Maybe we’re willing to pray for each other, but feel like anything beyond that is for “more qualified” people. Click here for more information.

Veteran Onsite Group

Group of male Veterans seeking to grow in community, learn more about ourselves and our design, our mission and our identity. (Plus a little Smack Talking ) You don’t grow standing still-lets be oscar mike on our journey together 1815-2030 HRs

Young Adults

Young Adults (ages 21-35; male, female, single, and married) at Crossroads gather to connect with one another, grow in their faith and give back to their community! Our young adult ministry is a fusion of people who seek to lead a Christ-centered life through the study of...

Onsite Healing Groups

Healing groups are designed to support the various stages of healing and for people to find freedom with God in a safe place. Below are groups we have inside our building.



All Addictions Big Book Meeting

An open 12-Step meeting for all addictions. We use the directions from original text in “Alcoholics Anonymous,” along with a structured meeting format to support those who have not yet found a solution and are looking for relief.

Grief Support

Navigate the pain and disorientation from a biblical perspective after experiencing the death of a spouse, parent, close friend, child or sibling. Meeting online via Zoom while buildings are shut down. Register for the group and we’ll send you more information.

Severe And Persistent Mental Illness Support Group

This is an educational, support, and growth group for any adult who has a severe and persistent mental illness, as well as for any adult who is a primary family/support person of someone who has such an illness. We’ll explore, share support, and grow in understanding and ...

Transforming Betrayal

This is a group for women who have experienced the pain of their spouse’s or partners betrayal through infidelity, pornography, or compulsive sexual behavior of any kind. The group is broken up into two-parts. Your first step will be to attend an Introduction meeting. T...

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