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Invest in your personal growth and learn how to simplify aspects of group leading.

You want our friends to know Jesus, and are pursuing a lifestyle of following Him and inviting others in. The day-to-day of leading can be slow and messy, but breakthrough is always worth it. Your story, home, and humble charge in leading others matter.

getting started

Leader Onboarding

Get the essentials for group leading to start your Group off strong.

Meet your coach

We’ve got your back. Your coach is your go-to for next steps, group leading support, prayer, and connection to other leaders.
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Start your Group

Use the Start Here Guide to set a strong foundation in your group.

i am the project

What God wants to do in your group, he will first do in you. Round out your leadership with these trainings. Not sure what to do? Talk to your coach.

Listening Training

A great leader listens and helps people hear from God for themselves. Whether “pastor” is a natural gift for you or not, grow in it and deepen your emotional and relational intelligence to help your group thrive.

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Critical Skills

Train in the skills of a disciple like walking in authority and power, overcoming strongholds, and being a voice of freedom for others.

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Story Formed Life

Get your mind blown by the epic story of the Bible, and find your place in it.

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Get discipled for a year and learn reproducible skills to create more disciple-makers.

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Ministry 101

Get trained and released to heal, care for and strengthen others. Walk in topics like baptism, worship, repentance and prophecy as ministry tools to serve others.

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Strong groups have elements of all three of these — growing relationship with God, deeper relationships with each other, and impacting the world arounds them through building relationships with non-believers.


Get practical ideas to start UP/IN/OUT in your group, no matter where you’re at now. Or identify the area you want to grow in and get supporting materials.

Discover your Group’s mission

There may be a unique way God wants you to reach people who don’t know him in your neighborhood or network. These prompts can help find out what that is.

What exactly does UP/IN/OUT mean?

Groups are where we have other people in our regular day-to-day. But what makes groups last is a culture of belonging, but also having a purpose, where they balance invitation and challenge.

What is invitation and challenge?

Mix it up

Is your group feeling stressed? Plan a day of fun. Getting a little too cozy? Try to do something out of your comfort zone or dive into a new topic.

Learn to listen well

Grow your groups facilitation skills with Listening Training.

Getting a routine helps the people in your group plan for when you’ll be together. It keeps planning simple on you, and sets expectations for the group.

Sample Groups Calendars (coming from Kristen)
Create a Shared Calendar (coming from Kristen)

Crossroads Calendar

See what’s happening at Crossroads if you want to align your group’s schedule.

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Getting a routine helps the people in your group plan for when you’ll be together. It keeps planning simple on you, and sets expectations for the group.

  1. Pray for each person. Start by asking “What’s next for Susie?” and see what insight he has for you specific to her.
  2. Wayfinder is a tool to help you start discipling your people. There are tons of resources available to help you.
  3. Leverage the Chaser for an easy conversation starter to unpack what you heard on the weekend.

For specific content ideas, check out our recommended resources or the Group Guides in the Crossroads App.

Some straight talk: if you try to do all of this yourself, burnout will come quick. The more responsibility you give away, the more leaders will emerge from your group. Look for who is ready for more and give them space to try. From administration to hosting to sending out the invitations, build a core team of people who are in.

Know your people

Use the True Talent Indicator to see how the people in your group are wired, and give them things to do that align with that.

Pick an apprentice

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You’re leading a group because you want your friends to know Jesus. One of the most effective tools we have to do this is our own story. And learning to share our stories boldly takes some practice. Use this tools to identify, pray for, and invite in non-believers in your circle.

  1. Identify the people who are coming around some. Maybe they’re neighbors, friends or co-workers. Have your core team write out their names on something like this.
  2. Start praying for them. And pray for opportunities to share your story with them.
  3. Invite them to the OUT opportunities on your group’s calendar. Hint: parties and serving opportunities are easy invites.
  4. Get some practice. As you build relationship with them and hear their stories, practice sharing your story.
  5. Keep praying for them. As they hear about Jesus and start to ask questions, be available. Love them well. Be expectant for how God will continue to move in them.

All healthy, living things reproduce. While the relationships in your group may last a lifetime, your group structure won’t. And that’s a good thing. These signs might indicate your group is ready for some change.

  1. You’ve been set in your rhythm, and have a solid core group of regulars. Try inviting some new people in.
  2. People in your group are ready to lead their own. Celebrate them and cheer them on.
  3. You need to take a break from leading and rest for a season. Appoint your apprentice as the new leader.

Whatever new territory you’re taking, we’re here to celebrate and support you. Talk to your coach or email for help in what transition could look like. Then mark the moment. Growth should be celebrated, so reflect on all that God has done in your group and encourage the heck out of new leaders who are stepping out.